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Haier DSF80B E Operating Manual

Xiao hai feng household electrical appliance.
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Xiao Hai Feng
Haier Household Electrical Appliance
Read this manual carefully before use
Keep it in a safe place for reference
Operating manual


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   Summary of Contents for Haier DSF80B E

  • Page 1

    Xiao Hai Feng Haier Household Electrical Appliance Operating manual DSF80B(E) DSF80MB I (E) DSF80MB II (E) DSF65B(E) DSF65MB (E) Read this manual carefully before use Keep it in a safe place for reference...

  • Page 2

    Due to improvements in this product, the Haier water heater you have purchased may not be completely in accordance with the diagrammatic presentations in the manual. Here, we apologize for it.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Product characteristics Electrical schematic diagram Packing list Technical data Appearance and components introduction Technical parameters Notice before use Special notices Installation guidelines Installation method Matters needing attention for installation Usage guidelines Components introduction Usage Matters needing attention for usage Machine cleaning and maintenance After service The appearance, color or pattern of the water heater can be seen by checking the product...

  • Page 4: Product Characteristics

    Product characteristics·Electrical schematic diagram Product characteristics 1. Safe and reliable: Dry-heating prevention unit: under abnormal conditions, when the heating components of the water heater are at an overly high temperature, the hand-reset temperature controller will cut off the power supply automatically and stop heating.

  • Page 5: Packing List

    Note: This is the line diagram of DSF80MB II (E) Packing list Electric water Hosepipe and Instruction packet High-grade Product model heater(SET) shower bracket Product nozzle(SET) model DSF80B (E) DSF80MB I (E) DSF80MB II (E) DSF65B (E) DSF65MB I (E)

  • Page 6: Appearance And Components Introduction

    Appearance and components introduction·Technical parameters Appearance and components introduction Side view Front view Back view A/B/C: Holes for hanging on the wall D: Water flow regulating button E: Power regulating button Technical parameters Model Rated power Rated Water- supply power Proofing weight (mm)

  • Page 7: Special Notices

    In order to guarantee the correct and safe application of the water heater, our company here notifies customers that it is necessary to contact the professional service providers specified by Haier for home service. In case of incorrect installation of the water heater, our company undertakes no responsibility.

  • Page 8: Matters Needing Attention For Installation

    Matters needing attention for installation·Components introduction Matters needing attention for installation The electric water heater should be installed indoors where the ambient temperature is above 0℃; pipelines should be arranged together. It is not suitable for the hot water outlets far away from the water terminals. If the distance is over 8m, heat preservation treatment should be carried out on the pipeline to reduce heat loss.

  • Page 9: Usage

    Usage·Matters needing attention for usage Usage After the installation of the water heater for the first use, first carry out a water test; switch on power supply until water flows continuously out of the shower nozzle or other water outlets. After switching on the power supply, regulate the water flow switch to get the appropriate water flow;...

  • Page 10: Machine Cleaning And Maintenance

    Matters needing attention for usage·Machine cleaning and maintenance Matters needing attention for usage There must be an air switch installed in the circuit (depending on the power of the water heater). An earth leakage protection switch must be installed in the customer's house, and the electric instruments should be 220V;...

  • Page 11: Q/a

    Phenomenon Things to be confirmed Solutions Water too hot 1. Water flow too low to water heater 1. Turn up the inlet water or external tap water temperature 2. Turn down the power rising 2. Power too high Water temperature fluctuation Outlet water temperature higher than As above ℃...

  • Page 13

    Haier Group Haier Water Heater Co., Ltd., Qingdao Economic and Technical Development Zone Version: 1 Address: Haier Industrial Park, Qingdao Economic and Technical Development Zone Special SN: 0040500 Website:

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