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Delete To End Of Line - IBM 4840-563 System Reference Manual

Technical system reference surepos 500 series
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Clear display
Display position

Delete to end of line

Luminance can be adjusted into six levels using this command. The data byte following the
command sequence (represented by Ps in the preceding command format), changes the dimming
level. When the module is turned on, the level is set to 5 (100%).
Ps Luminance %
0 (X'30') 0 1 (X'31') 31.6
Ps Luminance %
SurePOS 500 Model XX3 Technical Reference, v 1.3
The write-in position is shifted to the most significant digit of the same row. If
the write-in position is on the most significant digit, the command is ignored.
1B 5B 32 4A
All the displayed characters are erased. The write-in position is not changed.
Instead of writing the character from the first digit, the write-in start position
can be specified with this command. The write-in position is shifted with Py
and Px. (It is based on the half-size letter of the font, which is specified with
the Screen Mode command.) Py indicates the position of the row and Px
the digit. Py and Px must be defined under the following conditions:
v If Py is 0, it is set to 1 (X'31').
v If Py is greater than the bottom row, it is set to the bottom row.
v If Px is 0, it is set to 1 (X'31').
v If Px is greater than the least digit, it is set to the least digit.
A special form of the Display Position command exists (Esc
1B 5B 48 27), which sets the write-in position to the home position (Py=1
and Px=1).
1B 5B 30 4B
The displayed characters from the write-in position to the end position on the
same row are erased. The write-in position is not shifted.
1B 5C 3F 4C 44 Ps
Appendix E. Input/Output device commands
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