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Iii. Who Should Read This Manual - IBM 4840-563 System Reference Manual

Technical system reference surepos 500 series
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ii. About this manual
This manual contains software and hardware information about the IBM SurePOS 500 Series. This manual is
organized as follows:
"Chapter 1. General description" on page 1 introduces the various models, the I/O devices that can
be attached, and product features.
Chapter 2. Supported devices, Operating system Supported, and POS Application Interfaces.
"Chapter 3. System configuration and system board layout" on page 15 describes the system board
and provides details about product features.
"Chapter 4. Physical specifications" on page 19 provides detailed specifications and planning
"Chapter 5. Description of Tower Logic components."
"Chapter 6. Power supply" on page 26 describes the features of the power supply."
"Chapter 7. LCD Panel Specification. "
"Chapter 8. POS I/O Specifications. "
"Appendix A. System Unit Operating Temperature and Humidity Ranges. "
"Appendix B. Power Specifications. "
"Appendix C. Standards Compliance."
"Appendix D. Memory Map, PCI Configuration, Interrupt / DMA assignments and I/O Ranges."
"Appendix E. ASIC PCI Function POS UARTS."
"Appendix F. Connectors"
"Appendix G. Input/Output device commands" on page 49 commands and their usage for the
SurePOS 500 Series I/O devices.
"Appendix H. Notices" on page 65 provides legal notices, electronic emission notices, and trademark

iii. Who should read this manual

This guide is intended for technical personnel who will plan, install, setup, and operate the point-of-sale
terminal. These personnel will also carry out preliminary diagnostic procedures using the information in this
manual, before making a service call.
SurePOS 500 Model XX3 Technical Reference, v 1.3
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