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Brother CT-1200 Operation Manual

Owners manual - english
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• PARTS IDENTIFICATION ........................... 4
• SPECIFICATIONS ........................................ 4
• OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ................... 6
• SPANISH DIGEST ....................................... 21
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Before using your Brother vacuum cleaner, please
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  Summary of Contents for Brother CT-1200

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When using an electrical vacuum cleaner, basic precautions should always be followed including the following: Read all instructions carefully before using this vacuum cleaner. WARNING / To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury: Do not use outdoors or on wet surfaces. Do not leave vacuum cleaner unattended when plugged in.
  • Page 3: Save These Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Never operate this vacuum cleaner without the dirt compartment and filters in place. Empty the dirt compartment before reaching the “Max Fill Line” and clean the filters often. Before removing the plug from the outlet, turn all controls to the “OFF” position. Use extra caution when cleaning on stairs.
  • Page 4: Parts Identification

    PARTS IDENTIFICATION FRONT CT1500 CT1200 ON/OFF Switch Power Cord Dust Body Dirt Compartment Handle Max Fill Line Max Fill Line Dirt Compartment Exhaust Filter Cover Rug/Floor Selector Grill Head Cover Bumper SPECIFICATIONS FEATURES HEADLIGHT CORD LENGTH (Ft.) INPUT (Amp) MODEL CT1200 12.0 CT1500...
  • Page 5 PARTS IDENTIFICATION REAR Cord Storage Hooks Power Cord Upholstery Tool with Detachable Brush Telescopic Handle Screw Wand Carrying Handle Floor/Tools Rug/Floor Selector Selector Valve System (CT1500only) Suction Hose Crevice Tool Foot Pedal Release Name Plate Extension Hose WARNING: Operate vacuum cleaner only at the voltage specified on the nameplate.
  • Page 6: Operating Instructions

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO ATTACH THE HANDLE TO VACUUM CLEANER First remove the handle screw. Line up the small hole on the handle with the small hole on the rear of the vacuum Then insert the base of the handle into the top of the body of the vacuum cleaner and insert the screw.
  • Page 7: How To Adjust The Handle

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO ADJUST THE HANDLE The handle of this vacuum cleaner can be set to any of three positions: Upright, Normal or Parallel. To release the handle, depress the pedal Pedal at the right rear corner of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Page 8 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO USE THE ON BOARD TOOLS Place the vacuum cleaner in the Upright position. Set the Tools/Floor Selector to the “TOOLS” position. Combination Detach the telescopic wand from the Expandable Stair/Floor/ back of the vacuum. Upholstery Tool with Detachable Brush Then select the tool best suited for the cleaning task from the descrip-...
  • Page 9 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO USE THE EXTENSION HOSE You can extend the reach further by using the extension hose packed in the box. Wide upholstery tool Extension hose Telecospic wand Crevice tool Fig.17...
  • Page 10 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ON/OFF SWITCH To turn on the To turn off the vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner, move the switch on move the switch the appliance to to the “OFF” po- the “ON” position. sition. (Fig. 19) (Fig. 18) ON/OFF Switch ON/OFF Switch Fig.18 Fig.19...
  • Page 11: Maintenance Instructions

    MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Unplug this vacuum cleaner from the electrical outlet before servicing. HOW TO REMOVE AND REPLACE DIRT COMPARTMENT DIRT COMPARTMENT The dirt compartment assembly consists of the following parts: Dirt Compartment Knob (A) Handle (B) Max Fill Line (C) Dirt Compartment (D) Net Filter Assembly (E) Rectangular Slot (F)
  • Page 12 MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO CLEAN THE NET FILTER ASSEMBLY Slide net filter assembly out of dirt compartment. Wipe excess of dust from the filter. Wash net filter assembly with water, using a soft sponge. Allow net filter assembly to completely dry before replacing it, then insert it into the dirt compartment.
  • Page 13: Replacement Instructions

    REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO REMOVE / AND RESET THE BOTTOM PLATE Before replacing any parts, unplug the Latch vacuum cleaner from the electrical outlet and set the handle to the Parallel position. Then turn the vacuum cleaner over, ex- B o t t o m posing the underside.
  • Page 14: How To Replace The Exhaust Filter

    REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO REPLACE THE MAIN FILTER Release the dirt compartment from the vacuum cleaner. Dust Body Pull out the main filter case. Main Filter case Remove the main filter from the case. Place a new main filter into the case. Main Filter Reposition the filter case in the dust body and then set the dirt compartment into dust body.
  • Page 15: How To Replace The Belt

    REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO REPLACE THE BELT (CT1500 type) When replacing the belt, always set Belt cover the RUG/FLOOR Selector to the Motor shaft “FLOOR” position. Flat belt After removing the bottom plate (see page 13), lift up the belt cover and remove the pulley cover to determine if the belt is worn or broken.
  • Page 16 REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS EXPLODED VIEW OF AGITATOR ASSEMBLY FOR REPLACING AGITATOR BRUSHES (CT1200 type) Agitator support L Main pulley Washer Agitator shaft Brush Washer Agitator pipe E-clip Brush rotor B Fig.43 Agitator suppor R HOW TO REPLACE AGITATOR BRUSHES (CT1200 type) When replacing the brush, replace all four brushes at the same time for more efficient cleaning.
  • Page 17 REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS EXPLODED VIEW OF AGITATOR ASSEMBLY FOR REPLACING AGITATOR BRUSHES (CT1500 type) Idling pulley Washer Washer (Left hand screw) Main pulley Screw Agitator shaft Washer Washer Brush Washer Brush rotor A Agitator pipe Agitator support A Brush rotor B Washer Fig.49 Agitator support B...
  • Page 18 REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO REPLACE AGITATOR BRUSHES AND BRUSH ROTOR B (CT1500 type) When replacing the brush, replace all four brushes at the same time for more efficient cleaning. Remove the nut from the agitator shaft Then pull out the brush rotor B from the by turning clockwise.
  • Page 19: Before Requesting Service

    NEAREST SERVICE CENTER : 800-284-HELP For service problems, warranty information, missing items and other assist- TO WRITE: ance: Brother International Corporation Customer Service 7777N.Brother Blvd. Bartlett TN 38133 Please provide the following information when you write or call: model number, serial number, date of purchase, your complete mailing adress (including zip code), your daytime telephone number (including area code) and description of the problem.
  • Page 20: Description Of Accessories

    DESCRIPTION OF ACCESSORIES For replacement accessories, contact your local dealer or call the Brother Accessories and Supply Center at 877-552-MALL(6255), or visit Brother’s web site at ITEM PART DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER FLAT BELT CTFB EXHAUST FILTER CTEF MAIN FILTER CTMF ITEM PART DESCRIPTION...
  • Page 21: Spanish Digest

    ASPIRADORA INSTRUCCIONES DE OPERACION INSTRUCCIONES DE SEGURIDAD IMPORTANTES Cuando utilice un aparato eléctrico, deben seguirse siempre las precauciones básicas, incluyendo lo siguiente: Lea todas las instrucciones cuidadosamente antes de usar esta aspiradora. Para reducir el peligro de incendio, descargas eléctricas o ADVERTENCIA / daños: Pueden ocurrir descargas eléctricas si se...
  • Page 22 Centrode servicio más Cercano : 800-284 HELP POR ESCRITO: Por problemas de funcionamiento, información acerca de la garantía, unidades incompletas u otro tipo de consultas. Brother International Corporation Servicio al Consumidor 7777 N. Brother Blvd. Barient. TN 38133 Cuando nos llame o escriba suministrenos la siguiente información: modelo, número de serie, fecha de compra, su dirección (incluyendo el código postal), un teléfono donde podamos...
  • Page 23 DESCRIPCION DE LOS ACCESORIOS Para reemplazo de accesorios, por favor contacte a su distribuidor Brother mas cercano. Liame al 877-552-MALL(6255), o visite nuestra pagina de internet ( ARTICULO DESCRIPCION DEL ARTICULO NUMERO DE PARTE CORREA PLANA CTFB FILTRO DE DESCARGA CTEF FILTRO PRINCIPAL CTMF...
  • Page 24 Brother International Corporation 100 Somerset Corporate BIvd., Bridgewater, New Jersey 08807-0911 Printed in U.S.A...

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