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Nokia E71 User Guide
Issue 3


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    Nokia E71 User Guide 9207112 Issue 3...

  • Page 2

    Nokia Corporation. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or tradenames of their respective owners. Reproduction, transfer, distribution, or storage of part or all of the contents in this document in any form without the prior written permission of Nokia is prohibited.

  • Page 3

    15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by Nokia could void the user's authority to operate this equipment. 9207112/Issue 3 EN...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Safety..............7 Memory................21 Write text................22 About your device..............7 Further information............23 Network services..............8 Battery removing..............8 New from Eseries..........24 Nokia E71 in brief..........9 Access tasks quickly............24 Home screen................24 Key features................9 One-touch keys..............25 Keys and parts..............10 Nokia Calendar for Eseries..........26 Set up your device..........12 Nokia Contacts for Eseries..........27...

  • Page 5

    Message reader..............42 Notes..................75 Speech..................42 Nokia Wireless Keyboard...........76 E-mail messages..............42 Media..............77 Text messages..............46 Multimedia messages............48 Camera.................77 Instant messaging..............51 Nokia Podcasting..............79 Special message types............53 Music player.................80 Cell broadcast..............54 Share online................83 Messaging settings.............54 Recorder................83 Gallery..................84 Internet............58 RealPlayer................85 Web..................58 Flash player.................86 Browse the intranet ............60 Radio..................86...

  • Page 6

    Emergency calls..............136 Activation keys..............107 Certification information (SAR)........137 Data synchronisation............108 Index............138 Mobile VPN................109 Barcode reader..............111 Settings............112 General settings..............112 Telephone settings............115 Connection settings............116 Application settings............121 Shortcuts............122 General shortcuts..............122 Glossary............124 Troubleshooting...........127 Enhancements..........130 Battery and charger information....131 Battery and charger information........131 Nokia battery authentication guidelines.......132...

  • Page 7: Safety

    These are not affiliated with Nokia, and ACCESSORIES AND BATTERIES Nokia does not endorse or assume liability for them. If you access such sites, take precautions for security or content. Use only approved accessories and batteries. Do not connect incompatible products.

  • Page 8: Network Services

    When using this device, obey all laws and respect local these features will not appear on your device menu. Your customs, privacy and legitimate rights of others, including device may also have customized items such as menu copyrights. Copyright protection may prevent some names, menu order, and icons.

  • Page 9: Nokia E71 In Brief

    Manage your business partners and free time friends with the new Contacts application. Move your contact and calendar information from a previous device to your Nokia E71 with Make calls using voice over IP services with Switch. Internet tel.. When you see this icon in the home screen,...

  • Page 10: Keys And Parts

    Keys and parts — End key. Press the end key to reject a call, end active calls and held calls, and with a long keypress, end data connections. — Backspace key — Enter key — Home key — Contacts key —...

  • Page 11

    function key and the chr key to enter ctrl, and then press the desired key, for example c. — Headset connector — Volume up key — Voice key. Press this key to mute and unmute the active call. This key is also used in the Voice commands and PTT applications.

  • Page 12: Set Up Your Device

    Set up your device Set up your Nokia E71 following these instructions. Insert the SIM card and battery 1. Press the release buttons and lift the back cover off. 3. Insert the SIM card. Make sure that the contact area on the card is facing the connectors on the device and that the bevelled corner is facing the top of the device.

  • Page 13: Charge The Battery

    Tip: If you have old compatible Nokia chargers, you can use them with the Nokia E71 by attaching the 5. Close the back cover. CA-44 charger adapter to the old charger. The adapter is available as a separate enhancement.

  • Page 14: Eject The Memory Card

    Attach the wrist strap 4. Close the cover. Eject the memory card Thread the wrist strap as shown, and tighten it. Important: Do not remove the memory card during an operation when the card is being accessed. Doing so Antennas may damage the memory card and the device, and corrupt data stored on the card.

  • Page 15: Get Started

    Switch enables you to transfer content, such as • the first letters of the country name. It is contacts and calendar entries, from a compatible Nokia important to select the correct country, device. See "Transfer content between because scheduled calendar entries may devices", p.

  • Page 16: Settings Wizard

    — Configure push-to-talk settings. The menu contains • Video sharing — Configure video sharing settings. applications and • folders, which are If you are not able to use Settings wizard, visit the Nokia groups of similar phone settings web site. applications. All...

  • Page 17: Transfer Content From Other Devices

    > Grid. > You can transfer content, such as contacts, from a compatible Nokia device to your new Eseries device using To view the memory consumption of different different connectivity methods. The type of content that applications and data stored on the device or memory card can be transferred depends on the device model.

  • Page 18: Display Indicators

    instructions on the display. On your new Eseries device, Send data from your new Eseries device to your other select the content you want to copy from the other device. device. After the data transfer, you can save the shortcut with the Display indicators transfer settings to the main view to repeat the same transfer later.

  • Page 19

    Bluetooth is active. A WLAN connection is active in a network that does not have encryption. Data is being transmitted using Bluetooth A WLAN connection is active in a network that has connectivity. When the indicator is blinking, your encryption. device is trying to connect with another device.

  • Page 20: Common Actions In Several Applications

    Copy. To paste, scroll to where you want to paste the text, Your push-to-talk connection is in the do not press and hold the shift key, and select Paste. This method disturb mode, because the ringing type setting of may not work in applications that have their own copy and your device is set to Beep once or Silent, or you...

  • Page 21: Volume Control

    To maintain sufficient volume of the media applications, use the volume keys. memory, use Nokia PC Suite to back up installation files to a compatible PC, then use the file manager to remove the Screen saver clock installation files from the device memory.

  • Page 22: Write Text

    Traditional text input system. Your Nokia device supports the FAT16 and FAT32 file system for memory cards. Your device has a full keyboard. You can enter punctuation MicroSDHC marks by pressing the corresponding key or a combination of keys. This device uses microSD and microSDHC memory cards.

  • Page 23: Further Information

    Tutorial correct word is found, scroll right to confirm it. While writing, you can also scroll down to access a list of The tutorial provides you information about your device suggested words. If the desired word is on the list, scroll and shows you how to use it.

  • Page 24: New From Eseries

    New from Eseries Navigate in the home screen Your new Eseries device contains new versions of the Calendar and Contacts applications, as well as a new home To access the home screen, press the home key briefly. screen. The home screen Access tasks quickly consists of: •...

  • Page 25: One-touch Keys

    To set off the contact search, select Options Contact keys. Your network operator may have assigned > search off. applications to the keys, in which case you cannot change them. To check your received messages, scroll to the message box in the notification area. To read a message, scroll to it and press the scroll key.

  • Page 26: Nokia Calendar For Eseries

    To create a new e-mail message, press the e-mail key for a few seconds. To change the default view, select Options Settings > > Default view. Nokia Calendar for View calendar information Eseries In the month view, calendar entries are Select Menu Office > Calendar.

  • Page 27: Nokia Contacts For Eseries

    All-day event. 3. For meeting and memo entries, enter the start and end Nokia Contacts for dates. For anniversary entries, enter the date and for to-do entries, enter the due date. Eseries 4. For meeting entries, enter the location.

  • Page 28: Manage Contacts Directories

    Search for contacts thumbnail image to a contact. You can also create contact groups, which allow you to communicate with several To search for contacts, start entering the contact's name contacts at the same time, and send contact information (business cards) to or receive it from compatible devices. in the search field.

  • Page 29: Multitasking

    To change the way the contacts' names are displayed, select Name display. To select which contacts directory opens when you open the Contacts application, select Default contact list. Multitasking You can have several applications open at the same time. To switch between active applications, press and hold the home key, scroll to an application, and press the scroll key.

  • Page 30: Phone

    Enter the first letters of the name, scroll to the name, Note: The actual invoice for calls and services from and press the call key. See "Nokia Contacts for your service provider may vary, depending on network Eseries", p. 27.

  • Page 31: Video Calls

    Make a conference call Make a video call 1. To make a conference call, enter a participant's phone To make a video call, enter the phone number or select the number, and press the call key. recipient of the call from Contacts, and select Options >...

  • Page 32: Net Calls

    1. Make a phone call to the selected recipient. You can emergency call through your net call provider. Due to the start sharing a video once the phone call is established established nature of cellular telephony, you should use and your device has been registered to the SIP server. cellular networks for emergency calls, if possible.

  • Page 33: Make Net Calls

    3. Select Internet tel. Options profile. Enter To configure new services, select Options Configure > > > a name for the profile, and select the SIP profile you service. This option is shown only if there are services that just created. have not been configured.

  • Page 34: Speed Dialling

    Call divert for WLANs, the device periodically scans for WLANs, which increases the demand on battery power and reduces the battery life. Select Menu Tools Settings Phone Call > > > > To login manually to the net call service, select Login divert.

  • Page 35: Call Barring

    To stop diverting calls, scroll to the diverting option, and code twice. The barring password must be four digits long. select Options > Cancel. For details, contact your service provider. Call barring Bar net calls Select Menu Tools Settings Phone Call Select Menu...

  • Page 36: Voice Mail

    Voice mail To hear information on your missed and received calls, dialled numbers, and frequent calls, select Recent calls. To listen to your voice messages, select Voice mailbox. Select Menu Communic. Call mailbox. > > When you open the Voice mail application for the first To dial a telephone number, select Dialler.

  • Page 37: Push To Talk

    Make a call To launch an application using a voice command, press and hold the voice key, and clearly speak the name of the A voice tag for a contact is the name or nickname that is application. If the recognised application was not correct, saved on the contact in Contacts.

  • Page 38: Make A Ptt Call

    Push to talk (PTT) (network service) provides direct voice When the Ringing type setting of your device is set to communication connected with the push of a key. With Beep once or Silent, or there is an ongoing phone call, PTT, you can use your device as a walkie-talkie.

  • Page 39: Log

    application is displayed with information about their login status. To call a selected contact, select Options Talk 1 to Select Menu > Log. > To make a group call, select several contacts and Log stores information about the communication history Options Talk to many.

  • Page 40: Log Settings

    to your mailbox, multimedia messaging centre, or the time. If you select log, all log contents are web pages are shown as packet data connections. permanently deleted. To add the phone number from a communication event to Contacts, select Options Save to Contacts, and select >...

  • Page 41: Messaging

    Messaging Messaging folders Select Menu Communic. > Messaging. > In Messaging (network service), you can send and receive text messages, multimedia messages, audio messages, Messages and data received using Bluetooth connectivity and e-mail messages. You can also receive web service or infrared are stored in the Inbox folder.

  • Page 42: Organise Messages

    Sort > Language. To download additional languages to your by. You can sort the messages by Date, Sender, Subject, device, visit the Nokia web site or use the Download! Message type. application. To view the properties of a message, select the message To set the speaking voice, select Voice.

  • Page 43: Nokia Messaging

    Nokia Messaging automatically pushes e-mail from your different internet e-mail providers, such has Google e- existing e-mail address to your Nokia E71. You can read, mail services. Nokia Messaging pushes the new e-mails respond to, and organise your e-mails on the go. Nokia...

  • Page 44: Mail For Exchange

    With Mail for Exchange, the use of the lock code may be Nokia Messaging can run on your device even if you have mandatory. The default lock code of your device is 12345, installed other e-mail applications such as Mail for but your company's IT administrator may have set a Exchange.

  • Page 45: Connect To A Remote Mailbox

    Read and reply to e-mail 6. Read the information on the display, and select finalise e-mail setup. The name of your new mailbox replaces Mailbox in the Messaging main view. Important: Exercise caution when opening Tip: After you have set up a POP or IMAP e-mail, in messages.

  • Page 46: Text Messages

    To reply to the sender of the e-mail with an audio message To view folders in your IMAP4 mailbox, establish a or multimedia message, select Options Create connection, and select Options E-mail settings > > > message. Retrieval settings Folder subscriptions.

  • Page 47: View Picture Messages

    Sending options for text 2. Select Options > Copy. 3. Select a folder and to begin copying. messages To view SIM card messages, open the folder where you To select a message centre to send the message, select copied the messages, and open a message. Options Sending options Message centre in...

  • Page 48: Multimedia Messages

    Multimedia messages 3. In the Subject field, enter a subject for the message. To change the fields that are visible, select Options > Address fields. Select Menu Communic. > Messaging. > 4. Enter the text of the message, and select Options >...

  • Page 49: Create Presentations

    Tip: If you receive multimedia messages that Contacts. If you enter more than one number or e-mail contain objects unsupported by your device, you address, separate them with a semicolon. cannot open them. Try to send these objects to 3. Select Options Create presentation and a...

  • Page 50: Send A Sound Clip

    If the text or images are too large to fit on the display, 1. In the field, enter a recipient's number or e-mail select Options Activate scrolling, and scroll to see the address, or press the scroll key to add a recipient from >...

  • Page 51: Instant Messaging

    Define IM settings of a multimedia message that has been sent to an e- mail address may not be possible. To define the IM application settings, select Options Message validity — Select how long the messaging • > Settings > Preferences. You can, for example, set your centre tries to send the message.

  • Page 52: Block Users

    To continue the conversation, enter your message, and To join an IM group that is not on the list, but for which select Options > Send. you know the group ID, select Options Join new > group. To return to the conversations list without closing the conversation, select Back.

  • Page 53: Special Message Types

    To find a blocked IM user, enter the first letters of the user's Received msg colour — Select the colour of the • name. Matching names appear in a list. instant messages you receive. Show date/ time info — View the receiving or sending •...

  • Page 54: Cell Broadcast

    Send service commands Tip: You can set important topics as hot topics. While the device is in the standby mode, you are You can send a service request message (also known as a notified when you receive a message related to a USSD command) to your service provider and request hot topic.

  • Page 55: Multimedia Message Settings

    Receive report — Select if you want the network attachment type, select Free. If you select Restricted, • to send you delivery reports on your messages creating multimedia presentations is not possible. (network service). Access point in use — Select the default access point •...

  • Page 56: Retrieval Settings

    E-mail account settings if you want to confirm from where the e-mail should be deleted every time you delete an e-mail. Select Menu Communic. Messaging Options Send message — Select to send the e-mail • > > > > Settings >...

  • Page 57: Automatic Retrieval Settings

    Automatic retrieval settings To select the languages in which you want to receive cell broadcast messages, select Language. To define the automatic retrieval settings for an e-mail To display new topics in the cell broadcast topics list, select account, select the account and Options Edit >...

  • Page 58: Internet

    Internet Connection security With your new Eseries device you can browse both the internet and your company's intranet, and download and install new applications to your device. You can also use If the security indicator ( ) is displayed during a your device as a modem and connect your PC to the connection, the data transmission between the device and internet.

  • Page 59: End A Connection

    Feeds and blogs To move on a web page, use the scroll key, which is shown as a pointer on the page. When you move the pointer over Select Menu feeds. a link, the pointer changes into a hand. Press the scroll key >...

  • Page 60: Browse The Intranet

    Purchase history The items are categorised under catalogs and folders provided by Nokia or independent service providers. Some items may be chargeable, but you can usually preview To open the selected item with the corresponding them free of charge.

  • Page 61: Internet Access Points

    Set up an internet access point To start, pause, resume, or cancel the download of the selected item, select Options and the corresponding for packet data (GPRS) option. 1. Select Menu Tools Settings Connection > > > > Download! settings Access points.

  • Page 62

    Set up an access point for 4. After defining the settings, select Options > Advanced settings to define the advanced settings or WLAN manually Back to save the settings and exit. 1. Select Menu Tools Settings Connection > > > >...

  • Page 63: Connect Pc To Web

    WLAN security settings — Edit the security 1. Connect the data cable to the USB connectors of your • device and your PC. settings for the selected security mode. Homepage — Enter the web address of the page • 2. Select Connect PC to web.

  • Page 64: Travelling

    Travelling Need directions? Looking for a restaurant? Your Eseries • Ensure that your hand does not cover the GPS antenna device has the tools to get you where you want to be. of your device. • If the weather conditions are bad, the signal strength About GPS and satellite may be affected.

  • Page 65: Maps

    Some maps may be available in your device or memory card. You card. can also use the Nokia Map Loader PC software to Almost all digital cartography is inaccurate and download maps. To install Nokia Map Loader to a incomplete to some extent.

  • Page 66: Plan A Route

    Find locations To move on the map, scroll up, down, left, or right with the scroll key. The map is oriented towards north by To find a location in the city or area displayed on the map, default. enter the full or partial address of the location in the search To zoom in and out on the map, press the function key and field, and press the scroll key.

  • Page 67: Drive To Your Destination

    To show the route on the map, select Options Show Maps checks if a free licence is available for your > route. device. To activate the licence, select OK. You can only use the licence once. To navigate to the destination by car or on foot, if you have purchased a licence for these extra services, select To start navigating, select a location and Walk...

  • Page 68: Gps Data

    Traffic information To browse travel guide categories, select a category, and press the scroll key. If there are subcategories, select a The real-time traffic information service provides subcategory, and press the scroll key again. information about traffic events that may affect your To download a new guide to your device, scroll to the travel.

  • Page 69: Landmarks

    Create a landmark To set a landmark or location as the destination of your trip, select Navigation Options destination. > > To create a landmark, select Options landmark. You can also enter the destination latitude and longitude > coordinates. Select Current position to make a network request for the latitude and longitude coordinates of your current...

  • Page 70: Receive Landmarks

    Landmark categories You can see the landmark categories in two views: one lists categories that already contain landmarks, and the other lists all the categories your device has. To view the landmarks that a category contains, scroll to the category, and press the scroll key. To create a new category, select Options Edit...

  • Page 71: Nokia Office Tools

    Nokia Office Tools Nokia Office Tools support mobile business and enable use the scroll key to select the text. Then select Options > effective communication with work teams. Text. To send the note, select Options > Send. Active notes To link a note to a contact, select...

  • Page 72: Calculator

    Calculator To select multiple files, scroll to each file, and select Options Mark/Unmark > Mark. > To send the selected files, select Options > Send. Select Menu Office > Calculator. > This calculator has limited accuracy and is designed for To move or copy files or folders to another folder, select Options Move to folder...

  • Page 73: Converter

    To view the details of a file, select Options > Details. The Before you can make currency conversions, you must details include the name, size and location of the file, and choose a base currency and add exchange rates. The rate the time and date when the file was last modified.

  • Page 74: Printing

    With PDF reader you can read PDF documents on the To change the page layout before printing, select display of your device; search for text in the documents; Options Printing options Page setup. You can > > modify settings, such as zoom level and page views; and change the paper size and orientation, define the margins, send PDF files using e-mail.

  • Page 75: Clock

    World clock Bearer — Select a bearer for the printer. • Orientation — Select the orientation. • Open the world clock tab to check the time in different Paper size — Select the paper size. • cities. Media type — Select the media type. •...

  • Page 76: Nokia Wireless Keyboard

    Nokia Wireless Keyboard Wireless keyboards are available as separate enhancements. To set up the Nokia Wireless Keyboard or other compatible wireless keyboard supporting the Bluetooth Human Interface Devices (HID) profile for use with your device, use the Wireless keyboard application.

  • Page 77: Media

    Media Your device contains a variety of media applications for Switch between the video mode and the image mode. both business and leisure time use. Select the scene. For more information, see the extended user guide on the Select the flash mode (images only). web.

  • Page 78: Capture Images In A Sequence

    Record videos To copy the settings of another scene, select Based on scene mode and the desired scene. 1. If the camera is in the image mode, select the video To activate your own scene, scroll to User defined, press mode from the toolbar.

  • Page 79: Nokia Podcasting

    Podcasting delivers audio or video content over the internet for playback on mobile devices and PCs. Video settings With the Nokia Podcasting application, you can search, discover, subscribe, and download podcasts over the air; To change the video mode settings, select Options >...

  • Page 80: Music Player

    Search podcasts To update the selected podcast or marked podcasts, for a new episode, select Options > Update. Search helps you find podcasts by keyword or title. To open the web site of the podcast (network service), The search engine uses the podcast search service you set select Options Open web...

  • Page 81: Play A Song Or A Podcast

    > > or podcast episode and press the scroll key. In the Nokia Music Store (network service) you can search, To pause playback, press the scroll key; to resume, press browse, and purchase music to download to your device. the scroll key again. To stop playback, scroll down.

  • Page 82: Automatic Synchronisation

    Make sure that a 1. To activate the automatic synchronisation function in compatible memory card is inserted in the device. Windows Media Player, click the Sync tab, select Nokia Handset > Set Up Sync..., and check the Sync this If you...

  • Page 83: Share Online

    Share images online To use a preset frequency setting when playing music, select the frequency setting you want to use, and select To upload a file from Gallery to the online service, select Options > Activate. Menu > Gallery, select the desired file and Options >...

  • Page 84: Gallery

    Recorder settings To create a new folder, select a file and Options > Organise folder. You cannot create folders within > Recordings are automatically saved to the device memory folders. unless you change the default location. Recordings that To copy or move files, select a file and Options >...

  • Page 85: Realplayer

    Manage image files To play streaming media, select a web link that points to a clip, and select Play; or connect to the web, browse to a To view detailed information about the image, select video clip or audio file, and select Play. RealPlayer Options View details.

  • Page 86: Flash Player

    View information about a To switch between flash files saved on your device memory or memory card, scroll to the corresponding tabs. media clip To change the flash file quality, select Options > Quality when you are playing the flash file. If you select To view the properties of a video or sound clip, or web link, High, the playback of some flash files may appear uneven select...

  • Page 87: Internet Radio

    To adjust the volume, use the volume keys. To view available visual content for a station with the Visual Radio service, select Options Station Start > > To switch from headset use to listening to the radio visual service. through the loudspeaker, select Options Activate >...

  • Page 88: Save Stations

    Options Settings Default access > > To search for radio stations in the Nokia Internet Radio point. Select Always ask if you want the device to ask for service by their name, select Search. Enter a station name the access point every time you open the application.

  • Page 89

    To change the connection speed for 3G packet data connections, select Options Settings > > connection bitrate. To change the connection speed for WLAN connections, select Options Settings Wi-Fi connection > > bitrate. The quality of the radio broadcast depends on the selected connection speed.

  • Page 90: Personalisation

    Personalisation You can personalise your device by adjusting the various FM radio, so comply with any applicable safety tones, background images, and screen savers, for requirements when establishing and using these features. example. To delete a profile that you created, select Options >...

  • Page 91: Personalise The Home Screen

    Personalise the home Ringing tone — Select a ringing tone from the list, or • select Download sounds to open a bookmark folder screen containing a list of bookmarks for downloading tones using the browser. If you have two alternate phone lines in use, you can specify a ringing tone for each line.

  • Page 92: Download A Theme

    To change the background image of the home screen, To adjust the volume of the ringing tone, select Menu > select the Wallpaper folder. Tools Profiles Options Personalise Ringing > > > > volume. To select an animation for the screen saver, select the Power saver folder.

  • Page 93: Connectivity

    Your device offers several options to connect to the internet, a corporate intranet, or to another device or computer. You can install Nokia PC Suite from the CD-ROM or from the web. Nokia PC Suite can be used with Windows XP and Fast downloading Windows Vista.

  • Page 94: Infrared

    To use Nokia PC Suite with your device, install Nokia PC 4. Locate the desired file in an application or File Suite on your PC, connect the data cable, and select manager, and select Options Send > > Suite. infrared.

  • Page 95

    Your device and the name you entered can now be seen by other users with devices using A Bluetooth connection is disconnected automatically Bluetooth technology. after sending or receiving data. Only Nokia PC Suite and...

  • Page 96: Pair Devices

    some enhancements such as headsets may maintain a To delete a pairing, select the device whose pairing you connection even if not actively used. want to delete and Options > Delete. To delete all pairings, select Options Delete all. If you are currently >...

  • Page 97: Sim Access Profile

    For more information about car kit devices and select Menu Connectivity Bluetooth Remote > > > compatibility with your device, see the Nokia web site and SIM mode > Off. your car kit user guide. Use the SIM access profile Wireless LAN 1. Select Menu Connectivity Bluetooth >...

  • Page 98: Wlan Connections

    See WLAN availability available in the location and your device must be connected to it. To have your device show WLAN availability, select Menu Tools Settings Connection Wireless WLAN connections > > > > Show WLAN availability. > If WLAN is available, is shown on the display.

  • Page 99: Modem

    • You need an appropriate data communications key. software on your computer, such as Nokia PC Suite. For more information, see the Nokia PC Suite guide. To start a search for available WLANs, scroll •...

  • Page 100: Connection Manager

    Search for WLAN To connect your device to a computer using Bluetooth wireless technology, initiate the connection from the To search for WLANs available within range, select computer. To activate Bluetooth in your device, select Menu Connectivity Bluetooth and select Available WLAN networks.

  • Page 101: Security And Data Management

    Security and data management Manage the data and software on your device, and take message and confirm the message. The message must be care of the security of the device and its contents. at least 5 characters long. Memory card security Important: Your device can only support one antivirus application.

  • Page 102: Encryption

    Encryption Decrypt device memory or memory card Select Menu Tools > Encryption. > Always remember to decrypt the device memory and/or Encrypt your device or memory card to prevent outsiders the memory card before updating the device software. from accessing your important information. To decrypt the device memory, select Phone memory.

  • Page 103: Certificate Manager

    View certificate details provider if you do not have the code. To cancel the service, select Options Deactivate fixed dialling. > You can only be sure of the correct identity of a server Tip: To send text messages to the SIM contacts while when the signature and the validity period of a server the fixed dialling service is active, you need to add certificate have been checked.

  • Page 104: Security Modules

    Options Restore from card. > You can also connect your device to a compatible Select Menu Tools Settings General computer and use Nokia PC Suite to back up data. > > > > Security Security module. > Remote configuration View and edit security...

  • Page 105: Application Manager

    and different configuration settings from your service Auto-accept all requests — Select if you do not • providers or company information management want the server to ask for your confirmation when it department. Configuration settings may include initiates a configuration session. connection and other settings used by different Network authentication —...

  • Page 106: Installation Settings

    sent to you in a multimedia message, as an e-mail in this list may also help you pinpoint problems that are attachment, or with Bluetooth. caused by software packages that are incompatible with each other. During the installation, the device checks the integrity of the package to be installed.

  • Page 107: Activation Keys

    Java security settings Ask every time — Require the Java application to ask • for your confirmation each time it uses the To specify security settings for a Java application, select functionality. Options > Settings. Ask first time — Require the Java application to ask for •...

  • Page 108: Data Synchronisation

    To remove file rights, open the valid keys tab or the keys both the activation keys and the content, use the backup not in use tab, scroll to the desired file, and select feature of Nokia PC Suite. Options > Delete. If there are several rights related to the same media file, all the rights are deleted.

  • Page 109: Mobile Vpn

    — Enter the server ID of the remote server. • This setting is only available if you select 1.2 as the There is a Nokia PC Suite synchronisation profile available SyncML version. in your device. You do not need to edit it if you synchronise Data bearer —...

  • Page 110: Manage Vpn

    — Enter the proxy port number. • • VPN policy servers from which you can install and update VPN policies. A policy server refers to a Nokia Use a VPN connection in an Security Service Manager (NSSM), which is not application necessarily required.

  • Page 111: Barcode Reader

    Tip: You can configure the application's connection data you are saving. If the data you scanned includes a setting to Always ask, in which case you select the mobile phone number or an e-mail address, you can call VPN access point from a list of connections when a or send a message to the number or send an e-mail to the connection is established.

  • Page 112: Settings

    Settings Select Menu Tools > Settings. Factory settings — Restore the original settings of the • > device. You can define and modify various settings of your device. Positioning — Define the positioning method and • Modifying these settings affects the operation of your server for GPS-based applications.

  • Page 113: Standby Mode Settings

    Standby mode settings Language settings To select whether to use the home screen, select Home To set the language used on the device display, select screen Home screen. Language Phone language. > > To change the home screen mode settings, select Home To select the language in which you write notes and screen...

  • Page 114: Security Settings

    Date and time settings To determine which profile is activated when you attach an enhancement to your device, select the enhancement Select Menu Tools Settings General Date and Default profile. > > > > time. To let the device answer phone calls automatically after 5 To set the current date and time, select Date and Time.

  • Page 115: Telephone Settings

    Device and SIM card security Documents, contact information, calendar entries, and files are unaffected. To change the PIN code, select Phone and SIM card > code. The new code must be 4 to 8 digits long. The Telephone settings PIN code protects your SIM card against unauthorised use and is provided with the SIM card.

  • Page 116: Connection Settings

    Connection settings To set the default call type, select Call Default call > type and select Voice call if you make a GSM calls, or Internet call if you make net calls. Select Menu Tools Settings > Connection. > > To send a text message automatically to the person who Select from the following: is calling you informing why you cannot answer the...

  • Page 117: Wlan Settings

    network. To use e-mail and multimedia services or to These settings affect all access points for packet data browse web pages, you must first define access points for connections. these services. WLAN settings Some or all access points may be preset for your device by your service provider, and you may not be able to create, edit, or remove them.

  • Page 118: Wep Key Settings

    TX power level — Select the power level of your device WEP key in use — Select the desired WEP key. • • when sending data. Authentication type — Select Open or Shared. • Radio measurements — Enable or disable the radio WEP key settings —...

  • Page 119: Wireless Lan Plugins

    WPA security settings 2. Select 802.1x WPA/WPA2 as the security mode. 3. Select WLAN security settings WPA/WPA2 > > Select WPA/WPA2 as the WLAN security mode. EAP plug-in settings. > Select WLAN security settings and from the following: Use EAP plug-ins WPA/WPA2 —...

  • Page 120: Edit Sip Profiles

    > Edit, and select from the following: Profile name — Enter a name for the SIP profile. Edit registration servers • Service profile — Select IETF Nokia 3GPP. • Default access point — Select the access point to use • Select Options...

  • Page 121: Application Settings

    Configuration settings To remove access points from the list, select Options > Remove. Select Menu Tools Settings Connection > > > > Configurations. Application settings You can receive messages from your service provider or company information management containing Select Menu Tools Settings >...

  • Page 122: Shortcuts

    Shortcuts Here are some of the available keyboard shortcuts in your Settings Phone Call Speed > > > device. Shortcuts can make the use of the applications dialling > On. more efficient. General shortcuts Zoom in the page. Zoom out the page. General shortcuts Open the search dialog.

  • Page 123

    Scroll right in the zoomed image. Scroll up in the zoomed image. Scroll down in the zoomed image. Rotate clockwise. Rotate counterclockwise. Switch between the full screen size and normal view.

  • Page 124: Glossary

    Domain name service. An internet service that translates domain names such as into IP addresses such as Domain names are easier to remember but this translation is needed because the internet is based on...

  • Page 125

    GPRS General packet radio service. GPRS IMAP4 Internet mail access protocol, version 4. A enables wireless access for mobile protocol used for accessing your remote phones to data networks (network mailbox. service). GPRS uses packet data Internet An access point is where your device technology where information is sent in access point connects to a network.

  • Page 126

    Session Initiation Protocol. SIP is used for USSD A service request, such as request to creating, modifying, and terminating command activate an application or configure certain types of communication sessions various settings remotely, that you can with one or more participants. send to your operator or service provider with your device.

  • Page 127: Troubleshooting

    SSID if you know the correct SSID, and have created appear on the screen every time I switch on my a WLAN access point for the network on your Nokia device device? Check that the WLAN access point is not on channels 12-13, A: This is a characteristic of this type of display.

  • Page 128

    Q: Why do I have problems with the security device? mode? A: The WLAN on your Nokia device switches off when you A: Check that you have configured the security mode are not trying to connect, not connected to another access correctly, and that it is the same that the network uses.

  • Page 129

    device from making a data connection, select Menu Maps Options Settings Internet > > > > > > Communic. Messaging Options Settings Use network > Off. > > > > Multimedia message Multimedia retrieval > > • Prevent the device from automatically downloading Manual to have the multimedia messaging centre save new maps in the Maps application.

  • Page 130: Enhancements

    Enhancements Warning: Use only batteries, chargers, and accessories approved by Nokia for use with this particular model. The use of any other types may invalidate any approval or warranty, and may be dangerous. In particular, use of unapproved chargers or batteries may present a risk of fire, explosion, leakage, or other hazard.

  • Page 131: Battery And Charger Information

    Your device is powered by a rechargeable battery. The overcharging may shorten its lifetime. If left unused, a fully battery intended for use with this device is BP-4L. Nokia charged battery will lose its charge over time. may make additional battery models available for this Avoid extreme temperatures.

  • Page 132: Nokia Battery Authentication Guidelines

    Nokia authorised service centre or dealer for authentication assistance. To find out more about original Nokia batteries, see guidelines Always use original Nokia batteries for your safety. To...

  • Page 133: Taking Care Of Your Device

    This way you help prevent uncontrolled waste disposal and promote the recycling of materials. Check product environmental information and how to recycle your Nokia...

  • Page 134

    The crossed-out wheeled-bin symbol on your product, battery, literature, or packaging reminds you that all electrical and electronic products, batteries, and accumulators must be taken to separate collection at the end of their working life. This requirement applies in the European Union.

  • Page 135: Additional Safety Information

    Additional safety information Small children Medical devices Your device and its accessories are not toys. They may Operation of radio transmitting equipment, including contain small parts. Keep them out of the reach of small wireless phones, may interfere with the function of children.

  • Page 136: Vehicles

    • Turn the wireless device off if there is any reason to Switch off your device before boarding an aircraft. The use suspect that interference is taking place. of wireless teledevices in an aircraft may be dangerous to the operation of the aircraft and may be illegal. •...

  • Page 137: Certification Information (sar)

    1.33 W/kg. Use of device accessories may result in different SAR values. SAR values may vary depending on national reporting and testing requirements and the network band. Additional SAR information may be provided under product information at

  • Page 138: Index

    Index Symbols/Numerics calendar entries creating 27 3-D ringing tones 92 background image 91 viewing 26 802.1x backing up data 104 calendar key 26 barcodes 111 security settings 118 calendar views battery changing 26 charge level 18 call barring 35 charging 13 access points net calls 35 inserting 12...

  • Page 139

    connectors 10 voice mail 36 settings 61 camera contact groups subscriptions 60 DTMF tones 35 capturing images 77 adding ringing tones 28 image settings 78 creating 28 playing videos 78 making conference calls 28 scenes 77 contacts e-mail 44 sequence mode 78 adding 28 automatic retrieval settings 57 toolbar 77...

  • Page 140

    starting a conversation 51 images feeds 59 key store 104 adding to contacts 85 File manager 72 keyguard 20 display background 85 files keypad rotating 84 downloading 84 lock settings 115 sending 85 flash files 86 locking 20 sharing online 83 sending 72 tones 113 zooming 84...

  • Page 141

    121 network mailboxes other settings 57 settings 116 connecting 45 sending sound clips 50 Nokia PC Suite 93 creating 44 Notes 76 service messages 53 making a call 30 text message settings 54 notification light 113 Maps 65...

  • Page 142

    home screen 113 files 20 tones 113 settings 20 Quickoffice 72 picture messages screen saver 91, 112 forwarding 47 search modes viewing 47 switching 28 radio PIN code searching listening to 86 changing 115 available WLANs 100 saved stations 87 playing security settings 87...

  • Page 143

    synchronising display 112 WEP security 118 Download! application 61 WLAN 117 applications 109 e-mail connection 56 WLAN access point 62, 63 e-mail key 114 WLAN security 118 Settings wizard 16 e-mail retrieval 57 tabs 20 e-mail user 56 shortcuts 122 text EAP plug-ins 119 keys 113...

  • Page 144

    USB data cable 93 wallpaper 85 Zip manager 73 warning tones 113 vibrating alert 113 video connection security 58 playing 78 video calls settings 59 making a call 31 weblogs 59 switching to voice call 31 Welcome application 15 video clips welcome note 112 details 86 playing 85...

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