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Sms Services; Care And Maintain; My Data - Haier C3010 User Manual

User manual


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memory, not the RUIM card.

13 My data

My data menu allows you to access ring stored in the phone's
memory.You could play or use the ringers that in ring folder.

14 SMS services

This menu option allows you to access a range of SMS based services
that help you do more. Simply select the desired service from the service
menu. To get the list of services available for your handset or for
assistance on any of these services. There are different menus according to different RUIM

15 Care And Maintain

If your mobile phone had abnormal conditions, please check it with the following table. If the
problem still remains, please ask mobile phone sales for help.
Common problems
Can not charge
Check item
Please checks if the charger is properly connect to the
phone and the power source jack.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents