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When the alert for 'Service change' is enabled, it means that every time your
phone has lost the service (Network Signal) or regained the service (Network
Signal) a phone alert is sounded.
2) Minute beep
When the alert 'Minute beep' is enabled, during a phone call, as your call nears a
minute's duration, an alert will sound 10 seconds before every time.
3) Call connect
When the alert for 'Call connect' is enabled, the phone will sound an alert during
the conversation.
4) Call end
If an alert for 'Call end' is enabled, when a call is ended (either by you or because
the call is dropped), an alert will sound.
5) Fail on outgoing
If the alert for 'Fail on outgoing' is enabled, the alert will sound when the call is not
6) Charger beep
If the charger beep is 'On', every time your phone is connected or disconnected to
the charger, an alert will sound.
7) Power tone



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