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Using A Xircom Lan Card; Notes For Using Windows Nt; Installing The Xircom Lan Driver; Playing Avi Files - NEC VERSA SXI - RELEASE NOTES Release Note

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If you install a generic Windows 98 operating system, the NEC-specific drivers and utilities are
removed. To optimize the video display quality on your NEC Versa SXi, NEC recommends that you
install the ATI Display Driver from the Application & Driver CD. For details about using the
Application & Driver CD, refer to the NEC Versa SXi User's Guide.
During the ATI Display Driver installation, a message appears indicating that you must install the
DirectX component when using this video driver. NEC recommends that you download and install
DirectX 7 from the Microsoft site at

Using a Xircom LAN Card

If you are using the Xircom 16 bit CE3B-100BTX LAN card with your NEC Versa SXi system, only
hot insert or remove the card from the PC card slots. Hot inserting and removing is possible when the
system is powered on. Do not warm swap the card, that is, do not insert or remove the card while the
system is in a sleep state. Warm swapping the Xircom 16 bit CE3B-100BTX LAN card may cause
your system to hang.

Notes for Using Windows NT

Be sure to read the following notes when using Windows NT on your NEC Versa SXi.

Installing the Xircom LAN Driver

Your NEC Versa SXi ships with the Xircom LAN driver already installed. If you replace the
NEC-specific Windows NT operating system with a generic Windows NT operating system, or if you
need to reinstall the LAN driver, follow the instructions provided on the Application & Driver CD
(A&D CD) that ships with your system.
The A&D CD contains the Xircom LAN driver, complete with installation instructions. Before
following the instructions to install the driver you must copy the LAN folder from the A&D CD to
your hard drive. Once you have copied the LAN folder to your hard drive, follow the installation
instructions, modifying the path location of the driver to indicate that the driver resides on your hard
drive, rather than on the A&D CD.
Follow these instructions to install the LAN driver.
Insert the A&D CD into your CD-ROM drive.
Double click My Computer, then double click through the following path:
[CD-ROM drive]:\Software\Drivers\Xircom.
Copy the LAN folder to your (C:) hard drive.
Follow the Xircom LAN driver installation instructions provided on the A&D CD. Be sure to
modify the path location of the LAN driver when prompted by the Network Setup Wizard. The
installation instructions suggest the path: \Software\Drivers\Xircom\LAN. Modify this path to:
When the installation is complete, restart your system to activate the new LAN driver.

Playing AVI files

Your NEC Versa SXi system with Windows NT includes the Windows Media Player, enabling you to
play a variety of audio and video files. When opening or playing an AVI file, locally or across a
network, your system may experience video distortion. To correct the video distortion, NEC
recommends that you download the latest version of media player from the Microsoft web site, then
modify some of the player's settings.
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