General Power Safety - Dell E16WD01 User Manual

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When operating your equipment:
from liquid intrusion.
Do not use damaged equipment, including exposed, frayed, or damaged
power cords.
Disconnect your device and all peripherals (including an integrated or
optional modem or TV tuner) from any wall connections during an
electrical (lightning) storm, or when you will be away for extended periods.
Do not push any objects into the air vents or openings of your equipment.
Doing so can cause fire or electric shock by shorting out interior components.
Do not allow your notebook or adapter to operate with the base resting
directly on exposed skin for extended periods of time. The surface
temperature of the base will rise during normal operation, particularly when
AC power is present. Allowing sustained contact with exposed skin can
cause discomfort or burn.
Contact Dell (or an authorized dealer or service center for retail
purchases) if your equipment does not operate normally.

General Power Safety

Observe the following guidelines when connecting your equipment to a
power source.
If your equipment uses an AC adapter:
Use only the Dell provided AC adapter approved for use with this device:
E16WD01:PA-2E. Use of another AC adapter may cause a fire or explosion.
Place the AC adapter in a ventilated area, such as a desk top or on the floor,
when you use it to run the Dell Wireless Dock.
The AC adapter may become hot during normal operation of your
Dell Wireless Dock. Use care when handling the adapter during or
immediately after operation.
General Safety Information
Do not use your equipment in a wet environment. Protect equipment

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents