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Video Output

The monitor is blank. • Ensure that the notebook connected to the Dell Wireless Dock
My monitor is not
correctly displaying
videos and images
from my
Windows Vista
The video playback
on my external
monitor is choppy
or is dropping frames.
Possible Solution
is functioning properly and is not in Standby or Hibernate
mode. When the notebook is in Standby and Hibernate
mode, the display is always blank.
• Ensure that the AC adapter is connected to the
Dell Wireless Dock and to a working electrical outlet.
• Ensure that the video cable is securely connected to the DVI
connector and is secured with the fixing screws on both sides.
• Ensure that the drivers and utilities for Dell Wireless Dock
software are installed. The Wireless USB display icon
for the docking station should be visible in the taskbar.
• If the problem persists, disconnect and reconnect the
AC adapter from the Dell Wireless Dock.
To correctly display video and images in Windows Vista, you
must set the notebook to Windows Aero
To enable Aero:
Right-click the desktop background and select Personalize
to open the Personalize appearance and sounds window.
Click Window Color and Appearance.
Select Windows Aero from the Color Scheme list and
click OK.
To improve video playback performance, ensure that:
• The notebook is within the maximum operating range of
the Dell Wireless Dock.
• The notebook has a clear line-of-sight to the
Dell Wireless Dock.
• The window size of the video being played is smaller
than 50% of the external monitor's viewable area.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents