Setting Up Your Dell Wireless Dock - Dell E16WD01 User Manual

Wireless dock
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6 Click Finish.
The Dell Wireless Docking icon turns green indicating that a successful
wireless connection has been established.

Setting Up Your Dell Wireless Dock

You can connect devices to the Dell Wireless Dock while your notebook
is turned on.
Adjusting Your Display Settings (If a Monitor is Connected)
1 Right-click the Wireless USB Display icon
2 Select the display mode:
Extend mode — Provides additional screen space for you to use.
Mirror — Duplicates the notebook screen on the monitor
(default mode).
Set as Main Monitor — Disables the notebook monitor and moves
the display to the external monitor.
Off — Disables the external monitor.
located on the taskbar.
Configuring Your Dell Wireless Dock

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents