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When I close the
lid of my notebook,
the display of the
external monitor
goes blank.

Audio Output

I cannot hear
anything through
my notebook
speakers and my
built-in microphone
does not work after
connecting to the
Dell Wireless Dock.
Possible Solution
By default, most notebooks go into Standby or Hibernate
mode when the lid is closed.
To change this setting:
Open the Control Panel and select Power Options.
• Windows Vista: Select Choose what closing the lid does on
the left column. Select the When I close the lid, and then
select Do nothing.
• Windows XP: Select the Advanced tab. In the Power buttons
section, under the option When I close the lid of my
computer, select Do nothing.
Possible Solution
By default, most notebooks send the audio output to the
Dell Wireless Dock when associated, thereby disabling
your notebook's built-in speakers and microphone.
To enable the speakers and microphone:
Open the UWB Radio and Host Settings window in
the Wireless USB Manager.
Select Laptop to enable the speakers and microphone
on your notebook.
You must restart the application currently using the
audio device to enable this change.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents