Troubleshooting; General - Dell E16WD01 User Manual

Wireless dock
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The Dell™ Wireless
Dock power light
is Off.
My notebook will
not connect to the
Dell Wireless Dock
and the power light
is on.
Possible Solution
• Ensure that the AC adapter shipped with the Dell Wireless
Dock is connected to the docking station and to a working
electrical outlet.
• Disable and enable the Dell Wireless Dock in
Microsoft® Windows® device manager.
• Ensure that the notebook is within six meters of the
Dell Wireless Dock and there are no objects obstructing
the line of sight between them.
• Ensure that the wireless USB radio is on by checking
the wireless USB manager's UWB Radio and
Host Settings window.
• Ensure that the Dell Wireless Dock has an icon in the
Connection Manager.
• If there is a device icon in the Connection Manager for
your Dell Wireless Dock, click on the icon and select
Connect under the Options menu or select Automatically
connect within range under Connection Mode.
• If you continue to have connection problems, press and
hold the reset button for 10 seconds to reset the Dell
Wireless Dock to the original factory settings. This deletes
all associations. You must associate all the devices again.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents