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Restoring The Hard Disk Drive; Disabling Power Management; Using A Tv As An External Display Device; Hot Docking Your System - NEC VERSA LXI#RELEASE NOTES Release Note

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Restoring the Hard Disk Drive

Your NEC Versa system ships with a single partition on the hard disk drive (not applicable for
Windows NT). If you choose to change to multiple partitions and want to use the Product Recovery
CD to restore the hard disk drive to its initial shipped configuration, you must format all the partitions
before performing the hard disk drive restoration. For details about using the Product Recovery CD,
see the NEC Versa LXi User's Guide.

Disabling Power Management

NECC recommends that you disable power management on the NEC Versa when using the following
hardware devices or software.
USB devices
cordless mouse
SlimSCSI PC cards
PC storage cards
Applications requiring a full-screen DOS box
Optional DVD-ROM drive.

Using a TV as an External Display Device

Follow these guidelines when using a TV as an external display device.
Always connect your NEC Versa LXi to an AC power source.
To toggle back to the LCD when in TV out only mode, right click on the Windows desktop,
click Properties, select the S3 DuoVue tab, and enable the LCD.
In Windows 98, you cannot use
DVD movie.
In Windows 95, when using the LCD and TV in simultaneous display mode, do not close the
LCD panel. If you close the LCD panel, the TV display disappears and you must reenable the
TV display settings. To enable the TV display settings in Windows 95, right click on the
Windows desktop, click Properties, select the S3 DuoVue tab and place a check in the box next
to the TV graphic.

Hot Docking Your System

If your system has an internal mini-PCI or mini-PCI LAN/modem and you hot dock to the NEC Versa
Dock, it takes approximately 90 seconds for the system to acknowledge docked status.

Upgrading to a New Versa Dock Monitor Stand

If you purchased an NEC Versa Dock prior to October 29, 1999, the monitor stand that shipped with
the docking station cannot accommodate the NEC Versa LXi with 14.5-inch and 15-inch LCD panels.
You need to order a new monitor stand. To order a new monitor stand call 1-800-632-4525 to order the
part number, 136-245512-001A.
4 NEC Versa LXi Release Notes
to toggle the display from LCD to TV while playing a


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