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NEC VERSA LX 256-MB MEMORY Important Information
NEC VERSA LX 256-MB MEMORY Important Information

NEC VERSA LX 256-MB MEMORY Important Information

256-mb memory modules


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NEC Versa
256-MB Memory Important Information
Congratulations on purchasing an NEC Versa LX computer. Please read the important
information about using 256-megabyte (MB) small-outline dual inline memory modules
(SO-DIMMs) in your computer.
Checking System Memory
Some NEC Versa LX systems with one or two 256-MB memory modules report memory
incorrectly in LANDesk
interfaces that report system information. If you need to check total system memory in a
computer running LANDesk Client Manager, NEC Computers recommends that you check it
through one of the following:
the System Properties window
the BIOS Setup Utility
the POST messages that appear on the screen when you start your computer (if your
system is configured to display the POST messages while your system is starting).
To access the System Properties window, click the Start button, point to Settings, and click
Control Panel. In the Control Panel window, double click the System icon. To display system
memory, click the Performance tab.
For more information about the BIOS Setup Utility or about displaying POST messages, see
Chapter 3 of your user's guide.
If you have any questions, please contact an NEC Computers Support Representative at
1-800-632-4525 .
To ensure that the hibernation or Save-to-File file is properly created and utilized when
needed, be sure that you have the appropriate BIOS levels installed on your system. For the NEC
Versa LX, use BIOS 45 or higher. For the NEC Versa LX with AGP, use BIOS 25 or higher. The BIOS
upgrades are available by calling Customer Support at 1-800-632-4525 or by downloading from the
NECC website, .
Client Manager. Total memory is reported correctly through other
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