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Installing Directcd; Bios And Driver Requirements; Running Under The Windows Nt Operating System - NEC VERSA LXI Manual

For versa lxi/sxi laptops
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Installing DirectCD

DirectCD lets you write files directly to the CD in the CD-RW/DVD drive. Use the following
procedure to install DirectCD.
If necessary, insert the NEC CD-RW software CD, then click DirectCD on the Adaptec
Master Setup screen.
The DirectCD Note dialog box appears. Click Yes.
The DirectCD Welcome screen appears. Click Next.
The Software License Agreement appears. Click Yes.
The Choose Destination Location dialog box appears. Click Next.
The Select Program Folder dialog box appears. Click Next to install DirectCD.
When the installation completes, the Adaptec Master screen appears. Click Exit.
Click Finish to restart the system.

BIOS and Driver Requirements

It is likely that the necessary BIOS, audio drivers, and video drivers for the NEC VersaBay III
CD-RW/DVD drive are already installed on your system. Check the following table for the
minimum version required for each.
Audio Drivers:
—Windows 98
—Windows 2000
Video Drivers:
—Windows 98
—Windows 2000

Running under the Windows NT Operating System

NEC Computers recommends that you disable the Save-to-File power management feature
before writing to a CD. The CD-RW software running under Windows NT does not support
ACPI functions, and the system may go into a Save-to-File state even though the drive is busy.
Disable the Save-to-File feature before creating CDs under Windows NT.
If the system goes into a Save-to-File state during CD creation, the resulting CD will have
errors, and will have to be created again.
While the CD creation does resume once the system comes out of the Save-to-File state, the
message, "Errors reported by output device" appears, and the resulting CD does not function
For information on disabling the Save-to-File setting in Windows NT systems, see the BIOS
Setup sections of your user's guide.
6 NEC VersaBay III CD-RW/DVD Drive
Minimum BIOS and Driver Requirements for
NEC VersaBay III CD-RW/DVD Drive
NEC Versa LXi
ESS Sound Driver
ESS Sound Driver
S3 Video Drivers 7.13.33
S3 Video Drivers 7.31.16
NEC Versa SXi
ESS Sound Driver
ESS Sound Driver
ATI Video Driver Build M6.11.31
ATI Video Driver Build M6.11.53



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