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Diagnosing Incorrect Power Management Settings; Using The Password Feature; Displaying Movies On A Television Set - NEC VERSA LXI Manual

For versa lxi/sxi laptops
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NEC Computers recommends that you not close the LCD panel while a DVD movie is
playing. If the LCD panel is lowered during movie play, systems may hibernate, recording system
state to RAM (Save-to-Ram) or a disk (Save-to-File).
If you alter these AC power management settings, be sure to change them back before playing a
movie with MGI SoftDVD MAX.
For complete information on configuring power management, see your NEC Versa user's guide.

Diagnosing Incorrect Power Management Settings

If your system goes into a timeout during a movie, one of the following conditions may occur
when you bring the system out of the timeout:
if you are playing a movie on your television set, the system might go into 'Simultaneous
mode' (in which the movie displays on the television set and your computer's LCD panel)
the movie might restart from the beginning
the audio might cut out
the system might hang.
See "Configuring AC Power Management for Playing Movies" for instructions on configuring
AC power management correctly for playing DVD movies.
For detailed information on power management, see your NEC Versa user's guide.

Using the Password Feature

The password feature allows you to set parental controls for playing rated videodiscs. You can
set protection levels according to Movie Industry standards, so you can control which videodiscs
can be played.
Protection levels are password-protected. Note that if the protection level is changed, that level
is maintained even after the system is rebooted, until the password is entered again and the level
is changed back.
For more information on setting and using passwords, see the MGI SoftDVD MAX online help.
Some DVD movies do not enforce the parental controls that are designated in their
advertised rating. This is not related to MGI SoftDVD MAX password protection.

Displaying Movies on a Television Set

If you connect a television set to your system so you can watch the movie on it instead of your
system's LCD screen, set TV Out to Primary in the Display Properties window.
To configure the television set as the primary display do the following:
Connect the video cable from your television set to the TV Out connector on your
Right click the Windows desktop and click Properties. The Display Properties window
Click the Settings tab and click the Advanced button. Click the Displays tab.
Select the Television display field. Click the Primary button. Click OK twice.
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