Nec Versabay Iii Cd-Rw/Dvd Drive Features; Removing A Device From The Nec Versabay Iii - NEC VERSA LXI Manual

For versa lxi/sxi laptops
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NEC VersaBay III CD-RW/DVD Drive Features

The NEC VersaBay III CD-RW/DVD drive offers the features shown in the following figure.
A - Emergency Eject Hole
These features offer the following functions:
Emergency Eject Hole — allows you to manually remove a CD or videodisc from the NEC
VersaBay III CD-RW/DVD drive if the eject function is disabled by software or a power
failure. To remove the disc, insert the end of a paper clip into the eject hole and push in
until you hear a click. Manually open the drawer and remove the CD.
Release Button — ejects the disc tray. Press this button when the power is on to insert a disc
into or remove a disc from the drive.
Status LED — lights during data read operations. Do not eject the disc or turn off the NEC
Versa when the indicator is lit.

Removing a Device from the NEC VersaBay III

Follow these steps to remove a device from the NEC VersaBay III.
Save your files.
Either shut down Windows and power off the NEC Versa, or use warm or hot swapping,
which is available with the NEC VersaBay III Swapping utility. The Swapping utility is
provided on the Application and Driver CD that ships with the system.
Close the LCD panel and locate the NEC VersaBay III on your system.
2 NEC VersaBay III CD-RW/DVD Drive
NEC VersaBay III CD-RW/DVD drive features
B - Release Button
C - Status LED


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