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NAD M15 HD Owner's Manual

Av surround sound preamplifier.
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M15 HD
AV Surround Sound Preamplifier
Owner's Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 M15 HD ® AV Surround Sound Preamplifier Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 1. Read instructions - All the safety and operating instructions should be NOTE TO CATV SYSTEM INSTALLER read before the product is operated. This reminder is provided to call the CATV system installer’ s attention to Section 820-40 of 2. Retain instructions - The safety and operating instructions should be the NEC which provides guidelines for proper grounding and, in particular, specifies that retained for future reference.
  • Page 3 RECORD YOUR MODEL NUMBER (NOW, WHILE YOU CAN SEE IT) CAUTION REGARDING PLACEMENT The model and serial number of your new M15 HD are located on the back To maintain proper ventilation, be sure to leave a space around the unit of the cabinet. For your future convenience, we suggest that you record...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    NAD IPD 2 ........
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Dolby Pro Logic IIx Music and DTS Neo: 6 Music modes can also create web site, via e-mail and installing them by connecting the M15 HD to a PC. enjoyable experience from 2-channel sources.
  • Page 6: Getting Started

    Please save the box and all of the packaging in which your M15 HD arrived. Should you move or otherwise need to transport your M15 HD, this is by far the safest container in which to do so. We’ve seen too many otherwise perfect components damaged in transit for lack of a proper shipping carton,...
  • Page 7: Identification Of Controls

    M15 HD to a strong light source such as direct sunlight or illumination. If you do so, you may not be able to operate the M15 HD with the knob over a ± 10dB range. Press again to adjust BASS control and a third remote control.
  • Page 8: Rear Panel

    2 AUDIO 3 OUT/VIDEO 3 OUT/S-VIDEO 3 OUT, AUDIO 4 OUT: study below the section about “Zone Controls” of the “Main Menu” Connect the M15 HD’s AUDIO 3 OUT/ VIDEO 3 OUT/S-VIDEO 3 OUT discussion as well as the item about “Zone Setup” under the “Setup or AUDIO 4 OUT ports to the analog audio/video input of recording Menu”...
  • Page 9 Connect the M15 HD’s IR IN to the IR OUT of an ancillary equipment. 11 MONITOR (S-VIDEO, VIDEO): Connect to the video input of a Connect also the M15 HD’s IR OUT 1, IR OUT 2, IR OUT 3 or IR OUT 4 to monitor/television using quality dual-RCA and/or S-Video cables another equipment with IR IN feature.
  • Page 10 17 POWER: The POWER switch supplies the master AC mains power for the M15 HD. When this switch is at ON position, the M15 HD is in standby mode as shown by the amber status condition of the standby LED.
  • Page 11: Operation

    DISPLAY THE OSD Press either or ENTER buttons of the HTRM remote control or front panel to display the M15 HD’s Main Menu on your video monitor/TV. If the OSD does not appear, check your MONITOR OUT connections. NAVIGATING THE OSD AND MAKING CHANGES To navigate through the OSD menu options, please do the following using...
  • Page 12: Adjusting Listening Modes

    The following chart shows the channels available assuming they are enabled in the ‘Speaker Configuration’ menu: Several of the M15 HD’s listening modes have one or more selectable variations and adjustable parameters that you can modify to suit Active Decoded Output Channels you system or personal preferences.
  • Page 13: Dsp Options

    -30dB, the loudness curve selected will be for a volume level of -20dB. Audyssey MultEQ will get enabled only after successfully installing and configuring MultEQ Pro room equalization. To get your M15 HD installed The offset level can be set from 0dB to 15dB.
  • Page 14: Tone Controls

    ‘Tone Defeat’ gives one the choice of varying or completely bypassing Audyssey Dynamic Volume delivers consistent volume playback levels, the tone control section of the M15 HD. If ‘Off’ (‘Tone Active’ in the VFD) is anticipating sudden spikes and dips in volume and compensating for them selected, the Tone Control circuits are active.
  • Page 15: Zone Controls

    OPERATION USING THE M15 HD – MAIN MENU CONTRAST When a Zone is activated, a corresponding Zone number is illuminated Adjust bright areas (white level) of the video display. at the VFD. Zone 2 is always available to be configured at ‘Zone Controls’ menu. For Zone 3 and Zone 4 to become available at the ‘Zone Controls’ BRIGHTNESS window, their corresponding ‘Mode’...
  • Page 16: Using The M15 Hd - Setup Menu

    ] to apply the new resolution or [ ] to return to the current The Setup Menu allows one to customize the operation of the M15 HD to the resolution. If [ ] is selected, you will be prompted again to another OSD ancillary equipment used in one’...
  • Page 17: Source Setup

    ANALOG AUDIO The Source Setup (Normal View) menu makes it possible to set, allocate or The M15 HD has eight analog audio inputs including 7.1 input. These change the following settings. analog inputs - Audio 1 - 7 and 7.1 Input can be variably assigned to each Source.
  • Page 18 Video ➜ Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4 VIDEO FORMAT CONVERSION The M15 HD is equipped with a Video Format Converter. This allows for a simplified video connection between the M15 HD and your TV Monitor when using multiple video formats such as Composite (CVBS), S-Video, and Component (YUV).
  • Page 19: Source Setup (table View)

    Auto Connect : Select ‘Yes’ to automatically enable and connect the iPod player docked in the linked NAD iPod docking station when Source 4 (the default iPod source allocation in the M15 HD) is selected. Select ‘No’ if you do not want for the iPod connection automatically connected.
  • Page 20: Speaker Setup

    The Speaker Configuration is “global”; that is, it remains in force with all inputs and in all listening modes. However, speaker settings are part of the M15 HD’ s Preset system. Consequently, multiple speaker settings can be stored for easy...
  • Page 21: Speaker Levels

    ‘Test’ mode. USING AN SPL METER It is quite practical to perform the M15 HD level setup routines “by ear, ” and careful work will produce acceptably accurate results. However, the use of an inexpensive sound-pressure level (SPL) meter, such as Radio Shack part number 33-2050, makes this task easier, more accurate and more repeatable.
  • Page 22: Speaker Distance

    In addition to the Volume knob, use the HTRM’ s VOL to adjust the “master volume” of the M15 HD raising or lowering the channels altogether. A momentary keypress will change the master volume by 1 dB increments. If you hold down VOL , the master-volume change will “run-on”...
  • Page 23: Zone Setup

    Use a combination of or ENTER and keys to navigate through the Trigger The M15 HD has three configurable Zones – Zone 2, Zone 3 and Zone 4. Setup menu parameters. Use a combination of or ENTER and...
  • Page 24: Listening Mode Setup

    HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc standards currently limit their maximum number of audio channels to eight, whereas Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby TrueHD support more than eight audio channels. Note that the M15 HD only supports 7.1 channel. DOLBY DIGITAL EX...
  • Page 25: Dolby Setup

    ‘PLIIx Music’ under the ‘ADjUSTING LISTENING MODES’ segment of the Stereo: The detected stereo audio format will be configured into one ‘OPERATION - USING THE M15 HD - MAIN MENU’ . of the following options – Pro Logic, PLIIx Movie, PLIIx Music, NEO:6 DTS SETUP Cinema, NEO:6 Music EARS, Enhanced Stereo or None.
  • Page 26: Dts Surround Modes

    Please refer to the same description of ‘ENHANCED STEREO’ under the surround system, in such a way that none of the signal components are ‘LISTENING MODES’ segment of the ‘OPERATION - USING THE M15 HD lost. - MAIN MENU’ .
  • Page 27: Display Setup

    A/V PRESETS The Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) and On-Screen Display (OSD) can be The M15 HD’s simple but powerfully flexible system of ‘Presets’ allows you shown in various ways by navigating through the parameters at the ‘Display to customize virtually every aspect of your audio-video playback, and recall Setup’...
  • Page 28 OPERATION USING THE M15 HD – SETUP MENU SAMPLE PROCEDURE FOR SETTING UP A/V PRESETS Picture Controls: Aspect Mode – Letterbox 1 Setup first your preferred settings for the following options (access them through their respective menu page). Listening Mode: Stereo Speaker Setup: from the Speaker Setup menu, go to “Speaker Configuration” sub-menu and change “Subwoofer” from “On” to “Off”: “Front”...
  • Page 29 OPERATION USING THE M15 HD – SETUP MENU 3 At “A/V Presets” page, set “Preset: 1” to the following conditions - use [ Tone Controls: Tone Defeat: Off to select “Yes” or “No” and press [ENTER] to confirm selection and move on to the next setting Display Setup: Set “Line 2”...
  • Page 30 OPERATION USING THE M15 HD – SETUP MENU 6 At “A/V Presets” page, set “Preset: 2” to the following conditions - use [ to select “Yes” or “No” and press [ENTER] to confirm selection and move to the next setting While at “Save Current Setup to Preset” menu line, use [ ] to save the settings above to “Preset 2”.
  • Page 31: Listening To Your Ipod Player

    LISTENING TO YOUR iPod PLAYER CONTROL FEATURES AND SETTINGS The M15 HD is equipped with a data port in the rear panel where an optional “NAD IPD Dock for iPod” (NAD IPD) can be plugged in. With the The following control functions and settings are selectable or enabled NAD IPD linking the M15 HD with your own iPod player, you can enjoy using the front panel and HTRM remote control buttons.
  • Page 32: Nad Ipd 2

    NAD IPD 2 TO VIEW VIDEOS OR PHOTOS LOADED IN YOUR iPod The NAD IPD 2 has its own remote control - the DR 1. For you to control Videos or photos uploaded in your iPod can be viewed directly via the the NAD IPD 2 using the DR 1, you have to go to “iPod Setup” menu (please M15 HD.
  • Page 33: Using The Htrm Remote Control

    HTRM will command; with factory defaults, it does not perform any function on the M15 HD. The DEVICE SELECTOR keys are organized into three vertical rows of 3 buttons each; the row on the left are all Audio devices, the row in the center are all Video devices.
  • Page 34: Navigation Of The Htrm Controls

    If within five seconds you then press a digit (0 – 9), the function for the corresponding A/V Preset will be transmitted. NOTE TIMEOUT: The backlight timeout can be set from 0 - 20 seconds. This is the The HTRM is a universal-type remote control; some NAD models may not have more than 5 AV presets. length of time the backlight stays ON after releasing the last key. SOFTWARE VERSION NUMBER Press simultaneously the ON + TEST buttons for five seconds to display version numbers.
  • Page 35: Library

    L70, L73 DVD 5325 LIBRARY T513, T514, T515, T517, T524, The HTRM can store a different library of default NAD codes for each of its 5060 T533, T534 DEVICE SELECTOR “pages. ” If the original default library does not control...
  • Page 36: Punch-through (pun Thr)

    OPERATION USING THE HTRM REMOTE CONTROL 3 Press [ENTER]. At “2 Pass” mode, step 5 and onwards of the above example would be as follows (the same Steps 1 – 4 of the above example applies) 5 Press and hold the corresponding [MENU] button of the TV remote control.
  • Page 37: Copy

    ] to not be saved) and “Yes” (desired punch-through key will be saved and scroll to “Copy”. process is completed). NOTE The HTRM’s [VOL] keys are pre-programmed as “punched-through” for all Device Select pages: [VOL] will operate the NAD’s master-volume 3 Press [ENTER]. regardless of the currently selected device. The [SURR], [CENT] and [SUB] CHANNEL VOLUME controls similarly are pre-programmed as punched- through. PUNCH-THROUGH MACRO A stored macro command can also be “punched-through. ” This provides a way to execute a macro with a single keys press.
  • Page 38: Delete

    5 Use [ ] to select between “No” (desired function key will not be Example: Record a Macro to the [0] key to turn ON the NAD M15 HD, deleted) and “Yes” (desired function key is deleted and process is completed).
  • Page 39: Reset

    To execute the above macro example, press [MACRO] and then [0]. The HTRM allows one to upload and download the configuration through a Windows® PC and NAD’s Proprietary HTRM programming software. Use a USB A male to mini USB B male 5-pin cable (not supplied) between your Windows®...
  • Page 40: Using The Zr 5 Remote Control

    BATTERY INSTALLATION The ZR 5 is a discrete compact remote for controlling the applicable Zone 2 features of the M15 HD. Irrespective of the main room/zone settings, the ZR 5 allows full separate control of the Zone 2 source selection among other applicable features.
  • Page 41: Reference

    IR transmitter window on remote or IR A/V • Check IR windows and ensure clear line-of-sight Receiver window on M15 HD is obstructed. from remote to M15 HD. • M15 HD front panel is in very bright sunlight • Reduce sunlight/room lighting. or ambient light. M15 HD does not respond to front panel •...
  • Page 42: Specifications

    Specifications are subject to change without notice. For updated documentation and features, please log onto for the latest information about M15 HD. Manufactured under license under U.S. Patent #’s: 5,451,942; 5,956,674; 5,974,380;5,978,762; 6,226,616; 6,487,535; 7,212,872; 7,333,929; 7,392,195; 7,272,567 & other U.S. and worldwide patents issued & pending. DTS is a registered trademark and the DTS logos, Symbol, DTS-HD and DTS-HD Master Audio are trademarks of DTS, Inc.
  • Page 44 All rights reserved. NAD and the NAD logo are trademarks of NAD Electronics International, a division of Lenbrook Industries Limited. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form without the written permission of NAD Electronics International.

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