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NAD M15 Owner's Manual

Av surround sound preamplifier.
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M15 02 23 2006.qxd
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Page 1
AV Surround Sound Preamplifier
Owner's Manual
Manuel d'Installation
Manual del Usuario
Manuale delle Istruzioni
Manual do Proprietário


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 M15 02 23 2006.qxd 3/7/2006 9:04 AM Page 1 ® AV Surround Sound Preamplifier Owner’s Manual Manuel d’Installation Bedienungsanleitung Gebruikershandleiding Manual del Usuario Manuale delle Istruzioni Manual do Proprietário Bruksanvisning...
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    • Non-use Period; Unplug the AC power cord from the AC outlet if the unit will not be used for a long period of time such as several months or more. • CLASS 1 Products; The M15 shall be connected to a MAINS socket outlet with a protective earthing connection.
  • Page 3 M15 02 23 2006.qxd 3/7/2006 9:04 AM 12 Power-Cord Protection - Power-supply cords should be routed so that they are not likely to be walked on or pinched by items placed upon or against them, paying particular attention to cords at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point where they exit from the product.
  • Page 4 Your local administrative office can advise you of the responsible waste disposal point. RECORD YOUR MODEL NUMBER (NOW, WHILE YOU CAN SEE IT) The model and serial number of your new M15 are located on the back of the cabinet. For your future convenience, we suggest that you record these numbers here:...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    About the M15 ........12-15...
  • Page 6: Introduction

    • This Owner's Manual SAVE THE PACKING: Please save the box and all of the packaging in which your M15 arrived. Should you move or otherwise need to transport your A/V Surround Sound preamplifier, this is by far the safest container in which to do so. We've seen too many otherwise perfect components...
  • Page 7: Quick Start

    • Now connect all power cables from the equipment to the AC-power. • Switch on the black rocker main POWER switch on the M15’s rear panel, see Figure 1 (this puts the M15 into Standby mode and illuminates an amber LED to indicate it is ready to receive remote commands), and then press any of the front panel buttons to power up the M15.
  • Page 8 Note: the M15’s OSD is available from all the MONITOR OUT sockets except for DIRECT OUT WARNING! Do not place the M15 directly on top of a Power Amplifier (or any other source of heat in excess of 35ºC or 95ºF).
  • Page 9: Quick Start

    SURR B R Note: the M15’s OSD is not available from the HDMI OUT socket. WARNING! Do not place the M15 directly on top of a Power Amplifier (or any other source of heat in excess of 35ºC or 95ºF).
  • Page 10: Identification Of Controls

    M15 02 23 2006.qxd 3/7/2006 9:06 AM Identification of controls FRONT PANEL (FIGURE 3) 1 - 2 REAR PANEL (FIGURE 4) 3 - 5 Page 10 3 - 5 2 - 4...
  • Page 11: Remote Controls

    M15 02 23 2006.qxd 3/7/2006 9:06 AM • Top section features ON/OFF buttons and back-light LCD display. • Upper section has eight DEVICE SELECTOR keys including one programmable CUSTOM DEVICE SELECTOR, one MACRO buttons. • The upper middle section with...
  • Page 12: About The M15

    1. Power: Switch on and off to enter and exit the Standby mode. The rear panel POWER switch must be in the ON position for the M15 Power switch to activate. 2. Standby LED: Illuminates blue when the M15 is in the On mode (Amber when the M15 is in standby).
  • Page 13 8. ext. 7.1: Press to select the 7.1 CH AUDIO IN analog inputs. These inputs bypass the M15's processor. Tone controls are not available with this input, only Volume control. 9. surround mode: Press and hold while simultaneously using the volume (set up) knob to sequentially select the surround modes.
  • Page 14 M15 02 23 2006.qxd 3/7/2006 9:06 AM Identification of controls ABOUT THE M15 Figure E THX Ultra2 Cinema THX Surround EX THX Music Mode THX Cinema PLIIx + THX Cinema Dolby PLIIx Music Stereo Downmix Mono Downmix Figure F THX Ultra2 Cinema...
  • Page 15: About The M15

    ON via the defeat button or set to ON in the OSD. Notes: Tone controls are reset to 0.0dB every time the M15 is turned off Tone controls only affect front left and right speakers.
  • Page 16: About The Htrm

    Mini USB PC Interface allows programming from a Personal Computer • The HTRM is already preprogrammed with a full complement of NAD commands on its AMP DEVICE SELECTOR page, and with library commands to operate most NAD DVD, CD, TUNER, or TAPE components on the corresponding DEVICE SELECTOR keys.
  • Page 17: Htrm Setup Menu

    M15 02 23 2006.qxd 3/7/2006 9:06 AM HTRM – Setup Menu General Menu Operation: •Press and hold SETUP+ ENTER for 5 seconds to enter setup menu. •The MACRO key is a cancel function in all setup modes unless otherwise noted.
  • Page 18: Navigation Of The Htrm Controls

    LCD display. If within five seconds you then press a digit 0 - 9, the function for the corresponding A/V Preset will be transmitted. Note: The HTRM is an universal-type remote control, some NAD receivers may not have more than 5 AV presets.
  • Page 19: Htrm Features

    M15 02 23 2006.qxd 3/7/2006 9:06 AM HTRM FEATURES: BATTERY Instead of waiting until the "Low Batt" warning is displayed, you can check the current battery level using this option. This option will show a bar graph representing the current battery level.
  • Page 20 M15 02 23 2006.qxd 3/7/2006 9:06 AM Identification of controls ABOUT THE HTRM Page 20 COPY This function allows you to copy functions from one key to another. If you want to select a DEVICE SELECTOR key for either the "From?" or "To?" you must press and hold the key for two seconds.
  • Page 21: Usb Interface

    The HTRM allows one to upload and download the configuration through a Windows PC and NAD’s Proprietary HTRM programming software. See Figure 8 on how to connect an USB A male to mini USB B male 5-pin cable to the HTRM.
  • Page 22: About The M15

    REAR PANEL CONNECTIONS AND CONTROLS WARNING! Make all connections to your M15 surround sound preamplifier with the unit powered off and unplugged from the AC power. Furthermore, unplug all auxiliary components' AC power before making or breaking any signal connections.
  • Page 23 10.RS-232: Using a Windows® operating system personal computer, one can remotely control the M15 with NAD's proprietary interface control software. This remote control facility employs a functional image of the M15's front panel as the GUI (graphical user interface). This connector is a standard DB-9 RS-232 configuration. Use an "off-the-shelf"...
  • Page 24 15. +12 V TRIGGER OUT/IN: There are three configurable +12V trigger outputs. These +12V TRIGGER OUT can follow the powered state of the M15. Use this 3.5mm mini-jack connector to pass +12 volts at a maximum current of 50 milliamps to auxiliary equipment such as a multichannel amplifier or subwoofer.
  • Page 25: Using M15

    M15's OSD menu. 18. SWITCHED (Power Socket): Insert the power cable from auxiliary equipment that is to turn on or off when the M15 is powered on or off using the POWER (vacation switch). Page 25 Identification of controls...
  • Page 26 20. POWER switch: The POWER switch supplies the master AC mains power for the M15. When this switch is in the ON position the M15 is in standby as shown by the amber Status Condition L.E.D. above the standby switch on the front panel. If you intend not to use the amplifier for long periods of time (such as when on vacation), switch the POWER switch to the OFF position.
  • Page 27: Osd And Monitor Output

    In order to match this delay, the M15 allows up to 140ms of delay via 10ms increments. Note: The AUDIO DELAY is not stored in memory, but is reset to 0.0 every time the M15 is switched to standby.
  • Page 28: Thx/speaker Setup

    M15 02 23 2006.qxd 3/7/2006 9:06 AM Setup USING THE M15 MAIN MENU -> AUDIO CONTROL -> THX/SPEAKER SETUP -> SOURCE SETUP -> DISPLAY SETUP -> TRIGGER SETUP -> ZONE 2/MS OUT -> A/V PRESETS -> (press > to advance) ->...
  • Page 29: Thx/bass Management

    For 5.1 Dolby Digital stream with THX AUTO set to OFF; The M15 will allow Ultra2 Cinema mode. For 5.1 Dolby Digital stream with THX AUTO set to ON; The M15 will allow THX Surround EX mode. 6.1 SPEAKER SYSTEM For 5.1 Dolby Digital stream with THX AUTO set to OFF;...
  • Page 30: Source Setup

    To edit the source selection and assignments of audio, video, and user delineable names, first select the input and then press ENTER on the HTRM. You will note that the M15 will automatically switch to this source allowing you real-time monitoring of the setup. All inputs are configurable in the SOURCE SETUP other than ext 7.1 and tape monitor...
  • Page 31 VIDEO TYPE and COMPONENT is to be used. as both source and monitor. Note: HDMI OUT does not include the M15’s OSD. HDMI OUT is always active when a source has assigned HDMI-1 or HDMI-2. See Quick Start figure 3 for monitor connection.
  • Page 32: Display Setup

    TRIGGER INPUT when the TRIGGER INPUT is set to ON, the M15 will turn on from the standby state when a DC +12V signal is present at the TRIGGER IN socket. As long as the signal is present the M15 will remain in the ON state.
  • Page 33: Enhanced Stereo

    • Then select ON or OFF using the navigation arrows A/V PRESETS There are five A/V Presets permanently stored in the M15’s memory. As default, access to the presets is via the number keys 1 through Preset 5. Using the HTRM remote control press the A/V PSET button and then the number buttons 1 through 5;...
  • Page 34: Assigning A/v Presets

    Press the scroll through the M15’s source input and then press the ENTER button. Continue this process to assign each preset a source input as per you're A/V system requirements. COPYING A/V PRESETS During the naming of any A/V Preset, one may copy an existing A/V PRESET to another.
  • Page 35: Reference

    GREY OR BLANK PICTURE FACTORY DEFAULT SETTINGS In the event that the M15 may become configured inappropriately or become non-responsive the factory default settings can be set by the front panel buttons as follows; • To set the factory default settings for the 120V version, •...
  • Page 36: Specifications

    *Gross dimensions include feet, volume knob, power button and extended speaker terminals. Specifications are subject to change without notice. For updated documentation and features please log onto for the latest information about your M15. Input and output impedance 75Ω...
  • Page 37: Notes

    M15 02 23 2006.qxd 3/7/2006 9:06 AM Page 37 Reference NOTES...
  • Page 38 Page 38 ©2006 NAD ELECTRONICS INTERNATIONAL A DIVISION OF LENBROOK INDUSTRIES LIMITED All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form without the written permission of NAD Electronics International M15 Manual 01/2006...

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