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LENCO IR-1650 User Manual: Troubleshooting

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Registering an account on Radioslots's website
1. Open the website,, from your internet browser.
2. Click on the 'Register' link on the right top corner, and follow the on-screen instructions to register an
account. Please note, during the registration process, a validation code will be sent to you via email.
Please enter this code when prompted to do so.
3. After logging into your account, you will be able to edit your information for "My Profile", "My Stations"
and "My Radios" from the "My stuff" section.
4. You can now add your Internet Radio to your account on the website by accessing the 'My radios' link.
From the 'My Radios' section, you will need to enter in your radio's eight-digit serial number, which can
be found from the 'Configure> Register' menu on the radio, and you will also need to enter in your
radio's registration code which can be found from the 'Configure> Register' menu on the radio.
Configuring 'My stations'
1. It's possible to search for radio stations that are available in Radioslots's stations' database from it's
Website. Whenever stations are searched for on the website, then it will be displayed in a list of
search results together with a link to 'Add to my stations'. Clicking on the 'Add to my stations' link, will
add the station to your account's 'My stations' list. This list can be edited by clicking on 'My stations'
under the ' My stuff' section on the website.
2. You can add the station to your internet radio device or your "PC_My station". Then you can listen to
the stations which you have added to the stations list on website by your internet radio device. Once
you have internet station available in you 'My stations' list, you may play these stations from your
Internet Radio. These stations will be available on your radio from the menu item: 'Stations>User> '.
Please note the stations will only be available to your radio once your radio has downloaded a new
stations' list. To cause the radio to download a new stations' list immediately, please remove and
reconnect the power to your radio.
Configuring 'My Radios'
1. Once logged into your Radioslots website account, you can add your own internet radio device to the
'My Radio' section, which is listed under the ' My Stuff' section
2. You can add your internet radio device to the website by click the "Add a radio", then follow the
website's instruction.


1. If you have trouble connecting the radio to your wireless network, these steps may help to
resolve the problem:
Confirm that a Wi-Fi can access the internet (i.e. can browse the web) using the same network.
Check that a DHCP server is available, or that you have configured a static IP address on the radio.
Check that you firewall is not blocking any outgoing ports. As a minimum the radio needs access to UDP
and TCP ports 80, 554, 1755, 5000, and 7070.
Some access points may be set so that only equipment with registered MAC addresses can connect to
them. This is one possible cause of the Internet Radio being unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network,
and the Internet Radio display will show Bad ESSID or key. T o overcome this problem you will need to
add the Internet Radio's MAC address to the list of allowed equipment in your access point. The
Internet Radio's MAC address can be found using the menu item
Configure->Network Config ->View Config -> MAC address. You will need to refer to the guide for you
Access Point in order to enter the Internet Radio as an allowed piece of equipment.
If you have an encrypted network, check that you have entered the correct key or pass phrase into the
radio. Remember that text-format keys are case sensitive.
If your wireless network name (ESSID) is ' H idden' (a setting on the wireless access point), then you can


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