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User Manual
Internet Radio
For information and support,
Please read this user manual carefully before using the receiver.


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  • Page 1: Internet Radio

    User Manual Internet Radio IR-1650 For information and support, Please read this user manual carefully before using the receiver.

  • Page 2: Location Of Controls

    LOCATION OF CONTROLS 1.LCD Display 2.Play/Pause/Stop or Preset I 3.Previous or Preset II 4.Next or Preset III 5.Dial/Volume 6.Alarm 7.Back 8.On/Off 9.Speaker 10.DC Socket 11.Line Out 12.Earphone jack Key Functions: ON/OFF: Press to switch the internet radio Stand By on/off. BACK: Press to go back to the previous display.

  • Page 3

    Caution: Use only the mains adapter supplied with the radio. Connecting a power supply with a different rating will cause permanent damage to the radio and may be hazardous. The display on the front of the radio will light up and say: LENCO Internet Radio Then show...

  • Page 4: Changing The Volume

    Note: The encryption code would have been set up by the person who set up and configured your network. After 3seconds the display goes into the code entry mode or press select. If the display does not automatically go into code entry mode, press the SELECT button. To enter the code, use the DAIL to select each character of the code in turn, pressing the SELECT button after each character.

  • Page 5

    Signal Warning Version Upgrade Firmware Language English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Hungarian Factory Reset Register Clock Set Time Set Alarm Sleep Timer 0-90 minutes Backlight Active/Inactive/Standby Weather RSS Feed Signal strenght Listen to your internet radio When playing a stream, the Internet Radio, downloads a small amount of the stream before it starts playing.

  • Page 6

    <BBC Radio 1> BBS Radio 1Xtra The if you select one of the stations, it prompt you loading station… the show you “BBC Radio 1 connecting… ” etc then you can enjoy your radio. Set up the Configure of your internet radio <Configure Menu>...

  • Page 7

    For <Clock>, you can set the time and set alarm time, please be advised if you success to link the network, the time and date will be set with Greenwich standard time, please see the “How to set your time and date” chapter For <Sleep Timer>, once you set the sleep time, when the time has gone, it will power off the radio and go to standby.

  • Page 8

    1. Use select the <UPNP Servers> then press “Select” to enter your <UPNP Servers> <UPNP Servers> Playback Mode 2. The music in the local media can be sorted by Album and by Artist Scanning… …>….<…. <User: Admin:/> Select and it will show Loading…….

  • Page 9

    Select the individual tracks as described previously. Navigate to top-level menu item ‘Media Player’ using the SELECT and BACK buttons. Press the SELECT button. Turn the knob until ‘Playback Mode’ is displayed. Press the SELECT button. Turn the knob until ‘SHUFFLE’ is displayed. Press the SELECT button.

  • Page 10

    5. From the ‘Media Sharing’ windows , the radio will be listed as an unknown device. Click on the unknown device listed, then click the ‘Allow’ button and then click ‘OK’ Allowing the Radio to Connect: Set up the Time/Alarm In the <Configure>...

  • Page 11

    You should adjust the time when you want to be alarm. Noted: According to different time necessary, you can select your favorite setting for the alarm setting; Daily \ Once\ Weekends \Weekdays / Weekly options are available; 3. And you can set the Alarm 'Buzzer' sound or ”station” which was preset for the alarm to alert the customer when the Alarm expires;...

  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    Registering an account on Radioslots’s website 1. Open the website,, from your internet browser. 2. Click on the ‘Register’ link on the right top corner, and follow the on-screen instructions to register an account. Please note, during the registration process, a validation code will be sent to you via email. Please enter this code when prompted to do so.

  • Page 13

    either turn on the name, or you can manually enter the name into the internet radio and media player, Select Configure, Select network, Enter ESSID. Confirm if the Network is encrypted, e.g. requires a WEP or WPA key. Then enter the network name. 2.

  • Page 14

    a high error rate on your broadband connection, or the connection is intermittent, then it will cause the Internet Radio to pause until the connection is re-established and it has received enough data to start playing again. If your Internet Radio keeps stopping, please check the DSL modem to ensure that the Broadband line is not suffering a high error rate or disconnections.

  • Page 15

    Remoter controller: Power: <Press to switch the internet radio ON/OFF> Mute: < Press to mute the voice> Alarm: <Press to set alarm> 0---9: <Numeric buttons for Store and Recall functions> Store: <Use to store 99 radio stations> Recall: <Use to Play up the pre-setting stations> --/- : <Select the numeric bits>...

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