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either turn on the name, or you can manually enter the name into the internet radio and media player,
Select Configure, Select network, Enter ESSID. Confirm if the Network is encrypted, e.g. requires a
WEP or WPA key. Then enter the network name.
2. If your radio can connect to the network successfully, but is unable to play particular
stations, it may be due to one of the following reasons:
The station is not broadcasting at this time of the day (remember it may be located in a different time
The station has too many people trying to attach to the radio station server and the server capacity is
not large enough.
The station has reached the maximum allowed number of simultaneous listeners. The station is not
broadcasting anymore.
The link on the radio is out of date. This is updated automatically every day, so the next time you turn on
the link will be recognized.
The internet connection between the server (often located in a different country) and you is slow. Some
internet service providers may fail to stream in certain geographical areas. Try using a PC to play back
the stream via the broadcaster's web sit. If you can play back the station with a PC, use the form at
If you have a laptop, try connecting it if your Internet Radio cannot find the station.
3. When you scan for PCS none can be found, or the PC you are looking for does not appear
in the list:
Global File sharing is not enabled on the PC.
The PC you are looking for is in another part of the network separated by a router.(This may happen if
you have two access points on the same network, and the Media source is on one Access Point and the
internet Radio is on another).
The PC with the Media content may not have the same workgroup as the server managing the network.
The easiest solution is to change the PC workgroup name to the same as that being supported by the
You have not connected to the wireless Access point. On the internet radio , select 'Configure',
'Network Configure', ' S elect Network', 'Scan' and then select your Wireless network. (You may need to
enter a security key to access the network wirelessly).
You have not enabled simple file sharing on Windows 2000. In Windows 200 the simple file sharing
can be turned on by going to the Control Pane, selecting Folder options, view T ab. The safest way for
users to enable the service is to run the ' S et up a home or small office network' wizard from Control
Panel, Network Connections.
You have a firewall set on your PC which is stopping you accessing shared files. Windows 2K doesn't
come with a real firewall so unless you have installed one this should not be a problem.
You have a third party firewall in your network, which is preventing file sharing.
If you have a third party firewall (Like Norton, or Zone Alarm) that will have its own control panel and you
will need to consult the manual for your firewall.
If your PC is connected to a managed network, with a server sometimes the PC being searched for
needs to be server Workgroup.
4. If the Internet Radio keeps re-buffering radio station:
The Internet Radio is streaming the data from the radio station via your broadband connection, if there is
to inform us so that we can change the station data that is used by the radio.


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