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You should adjust the time when you want to be alarm.
Noted: According to different time necessary, you can select your favorite setting for the alarm setting;
Daily \ Once\ Weekends \Weekdays / Weekly options are available;
3. And you can set the Alarm 'Buzzer' sound or "station" which was preset for the alarm to alert the
customer when the Alarm expires;
Set up the Sleep Timer
1 In the <Configure> submenu <Sleep Timer>, you can set <Sleep Timer> from 1~ 90 minutes.
When you set that the radio will continue to play as normal, but it will go into standby mode after the
sleep timer has expired. To turn the radio back on again, simply press the ON/OFF button.
Total 90 minutes you can set
Store and listen the Preset station
When a radio station ( internet radio) is being played, you can store it by press the "Preset1,Preset2,
Preset3" key and hold it , of course, you can load the preset stations from this list.
E.g. to store preset1: Hold "Preset1" button and it will show:
If you need to recall the preset 1, you can press "Preset1" to recall the stored station.
Storing a radio station in a preset by the front remote control:
To store a preset, you must first be listening to the station that you would like to save, then press
STORE button. Then press the preset number you would like to save and allow 2 seconds to store the
station into the preset. The LCD will then show <Assigned to preset #>.
Once you have saved a station to one of the presets, you can recall it by pressing RECALL button. Then
press the preset number you would like to recall and the radio will connect to your station that you
Switch the radio OFF and ON
To switch off, press ON/OFF once and the clock will be displayed. To switch on, press ON/OFF once
and the radio will take up to 60 seconds to start playing again, as it finds the radio station you were
last connected to and load it into the buffer.
Configuring "My Stuff"
Sleep Timer
5 Min
Assigned to


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