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HP 610 Reference Manual

Digital copier series
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for HP 610

  • Page 1 510/610 reference guide...
  • Page 2 • Checks or drafts drawn on Governmental agencies Portions Copyright © 1989-2001 Palomar Software Inc. The • Paper currency, traveler’s checks, or money orders HP Digital Copier Series includes printer driver technology • Certificates of deposit licensed from Palomar Software, Inc. •...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    contents 1 review the front panel......1 front panel features ........1 menu functions .
  • Page 4 ....29 optional hp 250-sheet plain paper tray ..... . 30 assemble the 250-sheet plain paper tray .
  • Page 5 ..... . . 56 hp digital copier fails to power on ..... . . 58 hp digital copier will not make copies .
  • Page 6 ....... . 71 hp customer support........71 returning your hp digital copier for service .
  • Page 7: Review The Front Panel

    The front panel of your new HP Digital Copier has several buttons and indicators that allow you to change settings and perform a wide range of copy functions. front panel features The front panel is divided into the following main regions: •...
  • Page 8 Menu: use to access the menu system. Available menus depend upon which model of the HP Digital Copier you have. Menu options include Copy Setup, Print Report, and Status & Maintenance. Arrows: use to scroll through menu settings or options within settings.
  • Page 9: Menu Functions

    (ADF). Tray Select/Paper Type: use to select paper type. The main paper tray supports plain paper and specialty papers. If your HP Digital Copier has the optional 250-sheet plain paper tray, use this button to select both the paper type and the paper tray to use.
  • Page 10: Menu Options

    You can also access Menu functions by pressing the number that corresponds to a menu option. For example, to set the language and country/region, press Menu, then press 3 and 7. This automatically selects the Status and Maintenance menu (3), then the Set Country and Language option (7).
  • Page 11: Get Help

    Internet help and If you have Internet access, you can get help from the HP website at: technical support The website also provides answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Page 12 help...
  • Page 13: Load Originals And Paper

    It is important, however, that you choose the right paper and make sure that it is loaded correctly and not damaged. There are two ways to load originals to your HP Digital Copier: • Position the originals on the glass •...
  • Page 14: Load Originals In The Automatic Document Feeder

    If your HP Digital Copier is equipped with an ADF, you can load up to 50 the automatic originals, printed side up, of the following paper types: document feeder •...
  • Page 15: Avoid Paper Jams

    To avoid paper jams, be sure to not overload the input trays. Make sure your paper edges are not bent or crumpled in any way. Additionally, it is a good idea to remove papers from the output tray frequently. The output tray capacity is affected by the type of paper and the amount of ink you are using.
  • Page 16 Tap the stack on a flat surface to align the edges of the paper, and then check the paper for the following: – Make sure it is free of rips, dust, wrinkles, and curled or bent edges.
  • Page 17: Load The Optional 250-Sheet Plain Paper Tray

    33 for more information. paper tray recommended paper types Following is a list of HP papers you can use for copying: • HP Bright White Inkjet Paper delivers high-contrast colors and sharp text. It is opaque enough for two-sided color usage, with no show- through, which makes it ideal for newsletters, reports, and flyers.
  • Page 18: Papers To Avoid

    • HP Premium or Premium Plus Photo Paper: Load the glossy (print) side down. Always load at least five sheets of regular paper in the main tray first, and then place the photo paper on top of the regular paper.
  • Page 19: Choose The Paper Tray And Set The Paper Type

    When you change copy settings on the front panel, the settings are reset to the defaults two minutes after the unit completes the copy job. HP recommends adjusting paper type settings for the type of paper you’re using. Press Tray Select/Paper Type.
  • Page 20 paper...
  • Page 21: Use Copier Features

    All copy settings that you select on the front panel are reset two minutes after the HP Digital Copier completes a copy, unless you save the settings as the default settings. For more information, see change settings for all copy tasks on page 18.
  • Page 22: Make A Copy

    Load your original on the glass or into the ADF, if available. If you are placing your original on the glass, open the lid of your HP Digital Copier and place the document face down in the bottom-right corner of the glass with the sides of the picture touching the right and bottom edges.
  • Page 23: Make Copies Lighter Or Darker

    Press Reduce/Enlarge to choose one of the following: – Custom 100%— lets you enter the percentage to reduce or enlarge your copy. – Full Page 91% — lets you reduce an original to 91% of its original size, which prevents cropping that may occur if you make a full- size (100%) copy.
  • Page 24: Enhance Text Sharpness And Photo Colors

    Use Text enhancements to sharpen edges of black text. Text enhancement sharpness and is the default option. You can turn off Text enhancement by selecting Photo or None if the following occur: photo colors •...
  • Page 25: Perform Special Copy Jobs

    Press Tray Select/Paper Type until the Upper Tray is selected, as shown by the dot. If you do not have the HP 250-sheet plain paper tray, the upper tray (main tray) is selected by default. When Upper Tray is selected, press until the desired photo paper option appears, then press Enter to select it.
  • Page 26: Print Several Copies On One Page

    Fit to Page Original to do this through the special features menu Load the original on the glass. Load the appropriate paper. Press Special Features until Fit to Page appears. Press Enter. Press Start Copy - Black or Start Copy - Color.
  • Page 27: Print Two Originals On One Page

    Original Copy Load the original on the glass. Load the appropriate paper in the main tray. Press Special Features until Which Size? appears. Press until the desired photo size appears, then press Enter. When How Many? appears, press to select the number of images that will fit on a page.
  • Page 28: Shift Image To Increase The Margin

    A4-sized. You can make two-sided copies automatically only if your HP Digital Copier has an HP two-sided printing accessory. The two-sided copying accessory is standard equipment with some models or can be purchased separately.
  • Page 29: Collate Copies

    The collate feature lets you produce sets of copies in the exact order that the original is loaded into the ADF. The collate feature is only available on a HP 610 Digital Copier that is equipped with an ADF. You must copy more than one original to use the collate feature.
  • Page 30: Prepare A Color T-Shirt Transfer

    Press Enter to confirm your selection. Press Start Copy - Black or Start Copy - Color. Tip! After you select the poster width, the HP Digital Copier adjusts the length automatically to maintain the proportions of the original. If the original cannot be enlarged to the selected poster size, an error message appears that tells you the number of pages wide that are possible.
  • Page 31: Create A Mirror Image Copy

    Load the original on the glass or in the ADF. Load the T-shirt transfer paper in the main tray. If you have installed the optional 250-sheet plain paper tray, press Tray Select/Paper Type until the Upper Tray is selected.
  • Page 32 1: Copy Setup 0:Collation 1:Enhancements 2:Paper Size 3:Color Intensity 4:Set Copy Defaults Press Menu to display the Copy Setup options. 5:Restore Copy Press to move to the setting you want. Factory Settings Enter Press to select the displayed setting.
  • Page 33: Accessories

    You can upgrade your HP Digital Copier by adding the following: automatic document feeder (ADF) optional 250-sheet plain paper tray two-sided printing accessory automatic document feeder (ADF) The automatic document feeder (ADF) is standard on some HP Digital Copier models and is available as an accessory on the others.
  • Page 34: Install The Adf Input Tray

    ADF lid On the ADF lid, unfold the hinges. Pull up both tabs. Insert the ADF lid straight down into the unit. tab above each hinge hinges Push down both tabs until they click.
  • Page 35: Replace An Existing Adf Lid

    Tip! You must have the two-sided printing accessory installed to use the optional 250-sheet plain paper tray. attach the two- Turn the knob on the rear access door of your HP Digital Copier sided printing counterclockwise, then remove the door.
  • Page 36: Optional Hp 250-Sheet Plain Paper Tray

    Tip! Put the rear access door in a safe place. If you decide to remove the two-sided printing accessory in the future, you must replace the rear access door for your HP Digital Copier to operate. Insert the two-sided printing accessory into the back of the unit.
  • Page 37: Set The Paper Size

    Remove shipping tape from paper-width fence. set the paper The 250-sheet plain paper tray can hold letter, legal, and A4 paper. To size specify the paper size for the 250-sheet plain paper tray, you must set all three size adjustments located on the inner tray.
  • Page 38 Set the paper-width guide by sliding it until the arrow is even with the correct setting. Set the width to LTR to use legal-size paper. Set the paper-width fence by carefully snapping it into the slots for the paper size.
  • Page 39: Load Paper In The Optional 250-Sheet Plain Paper Tray

    Tip! There is no marking for legal-size paper. Pull the paper- length guide out beyond the edge of the tray and push it back up against the edge of the paper. load paper in Load the paper by dropping it into the inner tray.
  • Page 40: Attach The Optional 250-Sheet Plain Paper Tray To The Unit

    HP Digital Copier before attaching the optional 250-sheet plain paper tray. sheet plain paper tray to Place the 250-sheet plain paper tray where you want your HP Digital Copier to be situated. the unit Turn off the copier.
  • Page 41: Maintain Your Hp Digital Copier

    This section provides instructions for keeping your HP Digital Copier in top working condition. Perform these maintenance procedures as necessary. clean the glass If the glass on your unit becomes dirty from fingerprints, smudges, hair, and so on, the performance is slowed down and the accuracy of special features, such as Fit to Page and Copy, is adversely affected.
  • Page 42: Clean The Exterior

    As you discovered when you installed your HP Digital Copier, the ink delivery system consists of both ink cartridges, which contain the ink and printheads that control copy quality.
  • Page 43: Verify A Printhead Needs To Be Replaced

    If a printhead error message appears on the front-panel display, verify that printhead needs the printhead needs to be replaced. to be replaced Turn the unit off and then turn it on. If the error message still appears, continue with the following steps.
  • Page 44: Replace The Printheads

    See order printheads and ink cartridges on page 86 for information on ordering replacement printheads. Turn on the unit, then open the print-carriage access door by lifting the handle until the door locks into place. The print carriage moves to the center of the unit. maintain your hp digital copier...
  • Page 45 After the print carriage stops moving, release the gray print carriage latch and then lift the print carriage to access the printheads. Caution! To avoid damaging the copier, remove a printhead only when a replacement is available. If a printhead is removed without being replaced: –...
  • Page 46: Handle Ink Cartridges

    After the message appears in the front-panel display, press Enter to align the printheads. handle ink Before you replace or clean ink cartridges, you should know the part names cartridges and how to handle them. maintain your hp digital copier...
  • Page 47: Replace The Ink Cartridges

    Ink cartridges are approaching their expiration dates Caution! If you ignore the messages and do not replace the ink cartridges, eventually the HP Digital Copier will stop working to avoid damaging the printheads. To determine the expiration date of a cartridge, print a Self-Test Report. For more information, see create a self-test report for cartridges and printheads on page 67.
  • Page 48 Push the new ink cartridge firmly down into the appropriate slot until it clicks into place. Note the color bars on the print carriage. The ink-cartridge label should be face-up after the cartridge is inserted. maintain your hp digital copier...
  • Page 49: Align The Printheads

    Press Enter to align the printheads. For more information, see align the printheads on page 43. align the The HP Digital Copier prompts you to align the printheads every time you printheads install or replace a printhead or ink cartridge. Aligning the printheads ensures high-quality output.
  • Page 50 Repeat if necessary for the other ink cartridge. Close the door and plug in the unit. Because you removed an ink cartridge from its holder, the HP Digital Copier needs to align the printheads. After the message appears in the front-panel display, press Enter to align the printheads.
  • Page 51: Clean The Printhead Contacts

    Clean the printhead copper contacts only if you get repeated front panel printhead messages prompting you to check a printhead after you already have. contacts Caution! Do not remove all printheads at the same time.
  • Page 52: Replacement Alternatives

    This selects the Status and Maintenance menu, then selects the Align PrintHeads option. replacement To get the best performance from your HP Digital Copier, we recommend alternatives using only genuine Hewlett-Packard supplies. For more information, see order printheads and ink cartridges on page 86.
  • Page 53: Perform Color Calibration

    The Ink Level Gauge may not work properly with a non-HP ink cartridge. If you choose to use a non-HP ink cartridge, you may not know when the cartridge is running low or empty. Copying with an empty ink cartridge may seriously damage the printheads.
  • Page 54: Override The Ink Level Gauge

    Ink Level Gauge is not the responsibility of Hewlett-Packard. Damage that results from the use of non-HP ink is not the responsibility of Hewlett-Packard. The Ink Level Gauge is automatically reset when a different ink cartridge is installed in the copier.
  • Page 55: Set The Country/Region Or Language

    Usually, the language and country/region are set when you install the HP Digital Copier. If you need to reset them, use the following procedure. Tip! If you accidentally choose the wrong language and are unable to read the front-panel display, simply repeat the first three steps to choose the correct language.
  • Page 56: Set The Power Save Mode Time

    The bulb in your HP Digital Copier remains on for a specified period so that the unit is immediately ready to respond to your request. When the HP Digital Copier has not been used within that specified period, it turns the bulb off to preserve power and displays Power Save On in the front- panel display.
  • Page 57: Maintenance Menu Options

    3:Status and Maintenance Menu Status and Maintenance to display the 1:Check Ink menu options. Level Press to move to the setting you want. Enter Press to select the displayed setting. 2:Clean PrintHeads 3:Align...
  • Page 58 copier...
  • Page 59: Troubleshooting Tips

    Troubleshooting provides tips for solving problems and improving the quality of your copies. Look for your problem in the following troubleshooting topics. For additional information on your HP Digital Copier, see: paper problems The following issues relate to the paper path and paper types used in your HP Digital Copier.
  • Page 60 ADF. back of unit jams If the paper has crumpled and jammed in the back of the HP Digital Copier, unlock and remove the back door. Gently pull the paper out of the rollers.
  • Page 61: Paper Does Not Feed From The Paper Tray

    Type button on the front panel. do you have enough paper? If the HP Digital Copier is out of paper or if it has only a few sheets remaining, load more paper in the tray. If there is paper in the tray, remove it, tap the stack against an even surface, and reload it.
  • Page 62: Paper Type Is Not Correct Or Not Supported

    Your HP Digital Copier is designed to work well on most paper types. Test not correct or a variety of paper types before buying large quantities. Find a paper type that works well and is easy to purchase. HP Premium Papers are designed not supported for the best quality results.
  • Page 63 Look on the HP Digital Copier display. If the display is blank, the HP Digital Copier is not on. Make sure the HP Digital Copier is connected to a power outlet, then press the On button.
  • Page 64: Hp Digital Copier Fails To Power On

    If you have plugged the HP Digital Copier into a switched outlet, make sure the switch is on. Warning! If the HP Digital Copier still does not power on, there may be a mechanical failure. Unplug the HP Digital Copier from the power outlet and contact HP.
  • Page 65: Copies Do Not Look Right

    After cleaning, try printing again. If the problem persists, replace the color ink cartridge. Warning! To avoid damaging the HP Digital Copier, remove an ink cartridge or a printhead only when a replacement is available.
  • Page 66: Entire Copy Is Slanted Or Skewed

    If the paper you are using is too fibrous, the ink may not cover the print surface. Make sure you are using a paper that is appropriate for your HP Digital Copier.
  • Page 67: Orientation Of Copy Is Wrong

    Print a Self-Test Report to determine the condition of the ink cartridges and printheads. If the report has missing colors, clean the ink cartridges. Warning! To avoid damaging the HP Digital Copier, remove an ink cartridge or a printhead only when a replacement is available.
  • Page 68: Copy Is Fuzzy Or Blurry

    For most documents, plain paper works well. For more dense documents, such as high-contrast graphics or photographs, use HP Premium paper for best results. For more information, see recommended paper types on page 11.
  • Page 69 If you are using the ADF, make sure that you insert the original print-side up. does your original fill the margins? If the image or text on your original fills the entire page without leaving a margin, use the Fit to Page feature.
  • Page 70: Copies Are Too Light Or Too Dark

    The paper guides should be close to the edges of the paper in the input tray, but must not bend the paper. Remove the paper, and then move the left paper guide all the way to the left. Insert the paper, and then move the front paper guide even with the paper.
  • Page 71: Ink Cartridge And Printhead Problems

    The ink cartridges have microscopic nozzles that can clog when exposed to the air for more than a few minutes. The HP Digital Copier is designed to prevent nozzles from drying out under normal use.
  • Page 72: Ink Cartridge Error

    If the cartridge was a new, return it to the place of purchase with the receipt or contact HP Support and Services to obtain a replacement. All HP ink cartridges have an “install by” date that is printed on the box. Ink cartridges also have a 90-day warranty against defects in parts or workmanship, provided that the cartridge is installed before the “install by”...
  • Page 73: Need Printhead Alignment

    Want to check ink levels • Want to see the expiration dates on your ink cartridges • Want to see the serial number of your HP Digital Copier • Plan to call HP Support (if possible) to print a self-test report Make sure you have paper loaded.
  • Page 74: Printhead Has Failed

    Look on the HP Digital Copier display. If the display is blank, the HP Digital Copier is turned off. Check the connections. are you using the hp digital copier for the first time? Make sure that you have removed all packing materials from the HP Digital Copier.
  • Page 75: Other Copier Problems And Errors

    For more information, see recommended paper types on page 11. cover or door Make sure the HP Digital Copier is on an even surface. Make sure there is will not close nothing blocking the door from closing.
  • Page 76: Mechanism Error

    For more information, see handle printheads on page 36 and handle ink cartridges on page 40. do you have a paper jam? Clear the paper jam. Turn HP Digital Copier off and then on again. For more information, see avoid paper jams on page 9. is the print carriage blocked? Remove any objects that are blocking the print carriage, and then turn the HP Digital Copier off and on.
  • Page 77: Support Services And Warranty

    Registering your HP product allows HP to provide you with the best possible service. To register, please go to: support from the internet If you have Internet access, you can get help from the following HP website: The website offers technical support, supplies, and ordering information. hp customer support If you need to contact HP Customer Support, do the following before you call.
  • Page 78: Returning Your Hp Digital Copier For Service

    Customer Support. copier for service If HP Customer Support asks you to send in your unit for service, please follow the power-off and rebox steps below to avoid further damage to the HP product. Verify that the top of the paper tray is down.
  • Page 79 If available, pack the unit for shipment using the original packaging materials. If you do not have the original packaging materials, you can request a replacement package set from HP Customer Support. Shipping damage caused by improper packaging is not covered under the warranty.
  • Page 80: Call In The U.s. During Warranty

    You can call the HP Support Center in the following countries or regions. If your country or region is not listed, contact your local dealer or nearest HP Sales and Support office to find out how to obtain services.
  • Page 81 Brazil (Sao Paulo) 55 (11) 3747-7799 Philippines 632-867-3551 Canada during (905) 206 4663 Poland +48 22 519 06 00 warranty Canada post-warranty 1-877-621-4722 Portugal +351 (0)21 3176333 (per-call charge)
  • Page 82: Call In Australia Post-Warranty

    9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. (Charges and support hours are subject to change without notice.) hp distribution To order HP Digital Copier software, if applicable, a copy of the printed center Reference Guide, a setup poster, or other customer-replaceable parts, call the appropriate number.
  • Page 83: Limited Warranty Statement

    – Operation outside the product’s specifications. For HP printer products, the use of a non-HP ink cartridge or a refilled ink cartridge does not affect either the warranty to the customer or any HP support contract with the customer. However, if printer failure...
  • Page 84 If HP is unable to repair or replace, as applicable, a defective product which is covered by HP’s rewritten, HP shall, within a reasonable time after being notified of the defect, refund the purchase price of the product.
  • Page 85: Environmental Statement

    These products were designed to be environmentally friendly. hp printhead and ink cartridge limited warranty digital copier supplies limited warranty All HP Digital Copier supplies are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship during the warranty period. warranty period Each HP Digital Copier product is warranted until the End-of-Warranty date, which is printed on each product.
  • Page 86: Warranty Upgrades

    If a non-HP Inkjet product is found to be the direct cause of the printer failure or damage, HP will not cover the repair related to that non-HP product. warranty upgrades Upgrade your standard factory warranty to a total of three years with the HP SUPPORTPACK.
  • Page 87 Product. The level of warranty service may vary according to local standards. HP shall have no obligation to alter the form, fit, or function of the Product in order to make it operate in a country or locality for which the Product was never intended to operate.
  • Page 89: Technical Information

    The following specifications are subject to change without notice. • Digital image processing • Up to 99 copies from original • Digital zoom from 25 to 400% • Fit to Page, Poster, Clone, Mirror, Photo Mode, 2-on-1, and Margin Shift •...
  • Page 90: Paper Specifications

    16 to 28 lb. 250 sheets (60 to 105 gsm) * Maximum capacity. † Output tray capacity is affected by the type of paper and the amount of ink you are using. HP recommends emptying the tray frequently. paper sizes type...
  • Page 91: Power Specifications

    Legal: 8.5 x 14 in. (215.9 x 355.6 mm) A4: 210 x 297 mm phycical specifications hp digital copier with hp digital copier with an (ADF) hp digital copier with an (ADF), a two- automatic document feeder and a two-sided printing sided printing accessory, and a 250- (ADF)
  • Page 92: Additional Specifications

    HP black ink cartridge #14, C5011A HP color ink cartridge #14, C5010A If you have Internet access, you can get more information from the HP Support website at: additional hp digital copier accessories The table below shows the accessories that are included with each model. If you...
  • Page 93: Environmental Product Stewardship Program

    Material safety data sheets (MSDS) can be obtained from the HP website at: data sheets Customers without Internet access should contact their local HP Support Center. For contact information see call in the U.S.
  • Page 94 information...
  • Page 95 index Numerics 2 on 1 feature cancel 3, 9, 13, 30 250-sheet plain paper tray button attach copy cancel color calibration cartridge check ink level accessories clean contacts 250-sheet plain paper tray replace ink cartridges standard flat lid change paper tray clean install the ink cartridge contacts...
  • Page 96 Customer Support newpapers or thin paper hp distribution center photo hp papers, tips on loading 2, 16, 60 quality hp two-sided printing accessory reduce set number of copies several copies on a page...
  • Page 97 ADF paper printheads paper set the paper size adjust size tips change default size for copy load originals change the type load originals on the glass load load paper 8, 9...
  • Page 98 language...
  • Page 99 upgrades...
  • Page 100 index...
  • Page 102 It has everything you need to get the most value from your HP Digital Copier. • Technical Support • Supplies and Ordering Information • Project Tips • Ways to Enhance Your Product ©...

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