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Trigonometric And Inverse Trigonometric Functions; Hyperbolic And Inverse Hyperbolic Functions; Coordinate Transformations; Mathematical Functions - HP 9g - Graphing Calculator User Manual

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To change the angular unit setting to another setting, press
[ DRG ] repeatedly until the angular unit you want is indicated on the
The conversion procedure follows (also see Example 25):
Change the angle units to the units you want to convert to.
Enter the value of the unit to convert.
Press [ 2nd ] [ DMS ] to display the menu. The units you can select are
°(degrees), ' (minutes), " (seconds), r (radians), g (gradians) or
Select the units you are converting from.
Press [
To convert an angle to DMS notation, select
notation is 1 ° 30' 0" (= 1 degrees, 30 minutes, 0 seconds). See Example
To convert from DMS notation to decimal notation, select
° (degrees), '(minutes), "(seconds). See Example 27.

Trigonometric and Inverse Trigonometric functions

The calculator provides standard trigonometric functions and inverse
trigonometric functions: sin, cos, tan, sin
Note: Before undertaking a trigonometric or inverse trigonometric
calculation, make sure that the appropriate angular unit is set.

Hyperbolic and Inverse Hyperbolic functions

The [ 2nd ] [ HYP ] keys are used to initiate hyperbolic and inverse
hyperbolic calculations using sinh, cosh, tanh, sinh
Example 29.
Note: Before undertaking a hyperbolic or inverse hyperbolic calculation,
make sure that the appropriate angular unit is set.

Coordinate Transformations

Press [ 2nd ] [ R
to polar coordinates or vice versa. See Example 30.
Note: Before undertaking a coordinate transformation, make sure that the
appropriate angular unit is set.

Mathematical Functions

] twice.
P ] to display a menu to convert rectangular coordinates
DMS. An example of DMS
, cos
and tan
, cosh
. See Example 28.
and tanh
. See



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