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Chapter 4 : Common Math Calculations; Logarithm And Antilogarithm; Fraction Calculation; Converting Angular Units - HP 9g - Graphing Calculator User Manual

Graphing calculator.
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When you enter a numeric value or numeric expression and press [
the result is stored in the Answer function, which you can then quickly recall.
See Example 19.
Note: The result is retained even if the power is turned off. It is also retained
if a subsequent calculation results in an error.

Chapter 4 : Common Math Calculations

Logarithm and Antilogarithm

You can calculate common and natural logarithms and antilogarithms using
[ log ], [ ln ], [ 2nd ] [ 10

Fraction Calculation

Fractions are displayed as follows:
5 ┘ 12
56 U 5 ┘ 12
To enter a mixed number, enter the integer part, press [ A b/c ], enter
the numerator, press [ A b/c ], and enter the denominator. To enter an
improper fraction, enter the numerator, press [ A b/c ], and enter the
denominator. See Example 21.
During a calculation involving fractions, a fraction is reduced to its
lowest terms where possible. This occurs when you press [ + ], [ – ],
[ × ], [
] ) or [
mixed number to an improper fraction and vice versa. See Example
To convert a decimal to a fraction or vice versa, press [ 2nd ]
[ F
D ] and [
Calculations containing both fractions and decimals are calculated in
decimal format. See Example 24.

Converting Angular Units

You can specify an angular unit of degrees (DEG), radians (RAD), or grads
(GRAD). You can also convert a value expressed in one angular unit to its
corresponding value in another angular unit.
The relation between the anglular units is :
], and [ 2nd ] [ e
]. Pressing [ 2nd ] [ A b/c
]. See Example 23.
180° = π radians = 200 grads
]. See Example 20.
d/e ] converts a



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