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To Replace an PBGA compo-
Thin Small Outline Package
(TSOP) Components
Removing and Replacing a TSOP
The application of heat to the PBGA device,
beginning at ambient air temperature and
ending with the PBGA component lifting from
the circuit board, should take longer than 60
C a u t i o n
seconds. If the PBGA component lifts from the
circuit board earlier than 60 seconds:
• check the temperature control setting on
• lift the heat-focus head an additional 1/8"
• check the circuit board plating for possible
the solder pads on the board must first be cleaned of all solder to
ensure alignment of the new chip carrier. Prepare the site by using
solder wick and a soldering iron to remove all solder from the solder
pads on the circuit board. If a power desoldering tool is available, it can
be used instead of the solder wick. Clean the solder pads with alcohol
and a small brush. Dry and inspect. Ensure that all solder is removed.
Once the preparation is complete, place the circuit board back in the
circuit board holder. Add solder paste flux in the trench of the flux
block and spread it using a one-inch putty knife. Flux the PBGA
component by placing it in the trench of the flux block. Once the flux
is applied, place the PBGA component on the circuit board, making
certain that it is oriented correctly on the board. Position the heat-
focus head over the PBGA component and lower it to approximately
1/8"-1/4" (0.3cm-0.6cm) over the carrier. Using the same heat setting
used to remove the PBGA component, turn on the heater and wait for
the carrier to reflow (heating and reflow should take longer than 60
seconds).Watch the PBGA component reflow and note that when a
proper reflow has taken place, the PBGA component will drop (usually
one side, then the other). The end result is that both sides have
reflowed, and the PBGA component is sitting parallel to the circuit
Once the carrier reflows, raise the heat-focus head and wait
approximately one minute for the part to cool. Remove the circuit
board and inspect the repair. No cleaning should be necessary.
will be done with the R-1319, using the same procedure used to
remove and replace an PBGA component.
Place the circuit board in the circuit board holder. Select the proper
heat focus head and attach it to the heater chimney. Position the TSOP
component under the heat-focus head. Lower the vacuum tip and
attach it to the component by turning on the vacuum pump. Lower
the focus head until it is approximately 1/8"-1/4" (0.3cm-0.6cm)
above the component. Turn on the heater and wait until the TSOP lifts
off the circuit board.
the rework station, and if OK
from nominal setting, and


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