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Control Top
Control Top/
Front Shield/
Controls Flex
as a Unit to Chassis
5. On top display model radios only, seat the display board by
inserting the two display board tabs into their mating slots in the
front cover housing. Push the top of the display board toward the
top of the radio until the front cover housing retaining tabs
engage the display board and secure it into position.
Inside of the chassis where the RF board fits is a protruding block that
functions as the PA heatsink. To help provide maximum heat transfer,
ensure that the PA heatsink block (top surface) includes a thermal pad
(Motorola part number 7505922Z01) adhered to it.
Place the RF board and controller board into the chassis. Ensure that
the plastic cover that more rigidly holds the two boards together is
snapped into place.
1. Reinstall the switches and LED into the switch housing.
2. Reinstall the switch housing cover onto the switch housing by
sliding tabs 4 and 5 of the cover into their respective clips on the
housing. Then press down on the cover to engage tabs 1, 2, and 3.
1. Slide the control top into the appropriate position in the chassis,
and place the front shield into position over the chassis and circuit
2. Check to see that the three clip recesses (four large tabs on early
front shield) of the front shield are aligned with the respective
slots on the sides of the chassis, then snap the front shield in
place. Ensure that the shield is fully seated, especially in the PTT
switch area.
3. a. Units using early front shield with tabs (no separate clips),
skip step three (3); proceed to step four (4).
b. Units using latest front shield with separate clips – Insert clip 1
(Motorola part number 4285350C01) onto front shield by
orienting clip stamped "1" with front shield recess stamped "1".
Insert the narrow hook end of the clip into the slot of the front
shield. While keeping the clip hook in to the front shield slot,
press the bent portion of the clip toward the front shield until it
snaps into place. The two remaining clips (Motorola part number
4285350C02) are stamped "2". Insert these clips into the recessed
areas on the front shield stamped "2", and snap them into place as
was done with clip stamped "1".
4. Slide the connector end of the controls flex into the special
locking connector mounted on the control board. Ensure that the
flex is fully seated into the board connector and secure the
View the flex connection at a slight angle from
the bottom of the radio (see Figure 14). If the
flex is fully seated, the orange circuit plating
will be parallel with the connector top surface
and three reliefs in the plating will make the
flex plating appear to be separated. If the
orange plating of the flex is not parallel with
the connector's top surface, or the three reliefs


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Jt-1000, Mt-2000, Mts-2000

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