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Outdoor Unit; Power Cable - Haier HSM18HEK03/R2 - annexe 1 Installation Manual

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Indoor unit A

Power cable:

1. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its
service agent or a similar qualified person. The type of connecting wire is
H05RN-F or H07RN-F.
2. If the fuse on PC board is broken please change it with the type of
T. 3.15A/250V.
3. The wiring method should be in line with the local wiring standard.
4. After installation, the power plug should be easily reached.
5. A breaker should be incorporated into fixed wiring. The breaker should be
all-pole switch and the distance between its two contacts should be not less
than 3mm.
Outdoor unit A

Outdoor unit

Installation of Outdoor Unit
Drawing for the installation of indoor and outdoor units
Install according to
Connection of pipes
To bend a pipe, give the roundness as large as possible not to crush the pipe ,
and the bending radius should be 30 to 40 mm or longer.
Connecting the pipe of gas side first makes working easier.
The connection pipe is specialized for R410A.
Forced fastening without careful centering may
Half union
Flare nut
damage the threads and cause a leakage of gas.
Liquid side6.35mm(1/4")
Liquid/Gas side9.52mm(3/8")
Gas side 12.7mm(1/2")
Torque wrench
Gas side 15.88mm(5/8")
Be careful that matters, such as wastes of sands, etc. shall not enter the pipe.
The standard pipe length is 5m. If it is over 7m, the function of the unit will be
affected. If the pipe has to be lengthened, the refrigerant should be charged,
according to 20 g/m. But the charge of refrigerant must be conducted by profes-
sional air conditioner engineer. Before adding additional refrigerant, perform air
purging from the refrigerant pipes and indoor unit using a vacuum pump,then
charge additional refrigerant.
Outdoor unit
Indoor unit
Outdoor unit
Max.Elevation: Amax=15m
In case the elevation A is more
Outdoor unit
than 5m, oil trap shoud be
installed every 5~7m
Oil trap
Max. Length: Bmax=25m
Indoor unit
In case the pipe length B is
more than 10m, the refrigerant
should be charged, according
to 20 g/m.
Use the same method on indoor unit. Loosen the screws on terminal block and
insert the plugs fully into terminal block, then tighten the screws.
Insert the cable according to terminal number in the same manner as the indoor
If wiring is not correct, proper operation can not be carried out and controller
may be damaged.
Fix the cable with a clamp.
Attaching Drain-Elbow
If the drain-elbow is used,
please attach it as figure. (Note:
Only for heat pump unit.)
Purging Method:To use vacuum pump
Detach the service port's cap of
3-way valve, the valve rod's cap for 2-way valve
and 3-way's, connect the service port into the projection of charge hose (Iow)
for gaugemanifold. Then connect the projection of charge hose (center) for gau-
gemanifold into vacuum pump.
gaugemanifold, operate vacuum pump. If the scale-
Open the handle at Iow in
moves of gause (Iow) reach vacuum condition in a moment, check 1. again.
Vacuumize for over 15min.And check the level gauge which should read -0.1MPa
(76 cm Hg) at Iow pressure side. After the completion of vacuumizing, close the
handle 'Lo' in gaugemanifold and stop the operation of the vacuum pump. Check
condition of the scale and hold it for 1-2min. If the scale-moves back in spite of
tightening, make flaring work again, the return to the beginning of 3 .
Open the valve rod for the 2-way valve to an angle of
After 6 seconds, close the 2-way valve and make the inspection of gas leakage.
Pipe Diameter(ǿ)
Fastening torque
42 N.m
60 N.m
Indoor unit
anticlockwise 90 degrees.



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