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For Windows Users; Cd-rom Contents; Tools For 01x/plug-in Effect Installation Guide; Demo Song - Yamaha 01X Software Installation Manual

Yamaha 01x synthesizer: installation guide.
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Table of Contents

CD-ROM Contents

The CD-ROM contains a variety of applications (with installers) and data in the following folders.
Install the software on the Tools for 01X CD-ROM first, before installing the Plug-in Effect software.
TOOLS for 01X
Folder Name
Application Name
Acrobat Reader
Studio Manager
SQ01 V2
Audio Mixer
(plug-in for SQ01 V2 )
Wave Editor TWE
Multi Part Editor for
mLAN Driver
mLAN Tools
B4 (Demo)
Pro-53 (Demo)

Demo Song

• SQ01 V2
• Cubase SX/SL

Plug-in Effect

This software can be used as plug-in software within a VST compatible program.

To call up the PDF manual for each program, select [Start]
For instructions on installing the Plug-in Effects, see page 14.
Folder Name
Application Name
01X Channel
Pitch Fix
Vocal Rack
Final Master
*1 These applications are supplied with online/PDF manuals.
*2 Unfortunately, Yamaha makes no guarantee concerning the stability of these programs nor can it offer user support for them.
*3 When using this with SONAR, only stand-alone operation is available.

For Windows Users

Enables you to view each PDF manual for the applications.
• Open the online help by pressing the [F1] button on the computer.
This software allows you to use a computer for editing and controlling the various mixer-related settings of the 01X.
When using it as a plug-in with the SQ01, the Studio Manager settings can be stored along with the song data set-
tings of the SQ01. Regardless of whether you use the software as a plug-in or stand-alone, mLAN MIDI Port 4 must
be used for data transfer with the 01X. (Refer to the Studio Manager PDF owner's manual.)
• To call up the PDF manual, select "Manual" from the Help menu.
• To install, follow the onscreen instructions after double-clicking "Setup.exe" in the Studio Manager folder.
Full-scale sequencing software, for easily creating and playing back your own songs on computer. This can serve as
a host application for plug-in software, compatible with the ASIO driver (ASIO mLAN). mLAN MIDI Port 1 is used for
remote control data transfer with the 01X (page 24).
• To call up the online manual, select "Online manual" or "Key word" from the Help menu in any of the windows.
• For instructions on installing, see page 13.
This is compatible with the ASIO driver (ASIO mLAN). It can be installed in succession after installing SQ01.
This is an audio editor for editing .WAV or .AIFF format audio data on your computer. When using it, set Mode in the
mLAN Driver Setup to "WDM(2CH) + ASIO" (page 10).
• To call up the online manual, select [Start]
• If you want to install only TWE, double-click "Setup.exe" in the TWE folder, then follow the onscreen instructions.
Enables you to edit the Mixing parameters (such as effect) of the MOTIF-RACK on your computer when using the
MOTIF-RACK as a multi-timbral tone generator. This software allows you to use the 01X for remote control over the
MOTIF-RACK tone generator (via Multi Part Editor). When using the software as a stand-alone program, use mLAN
MIDI Port 5 for remote control data transfer with the 01X.
• To install, double-click "Setup.exe" in the folder "MltPartEditor," then follow the onscreen instructions.
This software is necessary for using 01X and computer with the mLAN connection. Make sure to turn the power of
the 01X off before starting installation. (See page 6.)
Demo for the VST plug-in software synthesizer of Native Instruments.
• In the "NIdemo" folder, double-click on "***Setup.exe" of which the file name is the plug-in software to be installed,
then follow the on-screen instructions.
This is a demo song (page 24) for use with the respective DAW software programs, when using the 01X for remote
control. You can also audition or try out the included Plug-in Effects below with the song (except Demo song for
[All programs]
This software reproduces the EQ and Dynamics effects built into each channel of the 01X, and uses the processing
power of the computer for the effects.
It can also be used with the Studio Manager program to transfer settings to and from the connected 01X.
This program is used to edit the pitch of recorded vocals. More than just a pitch processor, it can also be used to
change the character of the vocals. Moreover, you can use MIDI data on the host application to control the Pitch Fix
effect. For more information on setting up with the host application, refer to the Pitch Fix PDF owner's manual.
This is a multi-effect program for processing vocals. The plug-in features various effects, including a high-pass filter,
compressor and a 3-band equalizer.
This is a multi-effect program for mastering purposes. It features a compressor, limiter and soft-clip function, and
allows you to split the signal into three bands for separate multi-band processing.
[All programs]
[YAMAHA VST Plugins]
(the relevant software)

TOOLS for 01X/Plug-in Effect Installation Guide

[Wave Editor TWE Manual].
[Online Manual].


Table of Contents

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