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Yamaha DSP-A1092 Owner's Manual: Features

Natural sound av amplifier.
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This unit incorporates a sophisticated, multi-program digital
sound field processor. The processor allows you to electronically
expand and change the shape of the audio sound field from both
audio and video sources, creating a theater-like experience in your
listening room. This unit has a total of 10 digital sound field
processor (DSP) modes. You can create an excellent audio sound
field by selecting a suitable sound field (this will, of course, depend
on what you will be listening to), and adding desired adjustments.
In addition, this unit incorporates a Dolby Pro Logic Surround
decoder and Dolby Digital (AC-3) decoder for multi-channel sound
reproduction of Dolby Surround encoded video sources. The
operation of the Dolby Pro Logic Surround or Dolby Digital (AC-3)
decoder can be controlled by selecting a corresponding DSP
program including combined operations of the Yamaha DSP and
the Dolby Pro Logic Surround or Dolby Digital (AC-3) decoder.


Digital Sound Field Processing
What is it that makes live music so good? Today's advanced
sound reproduction technology lets you get extremely close to the
sound of a live performance, but chances are you'll still notice
something missing, the acoustic environment of the live concert
hall. Extensive research into the exact nature of the sonic
reflections that create the ambience of a large hall has made it
possible for Yamaha engineers to bring you this same sound in
your own listening room, so you'll feel all the sound of a live
concert. What's more, our technicians, armed with sophisticated
measuring equipment, have even made it possible to capture the
acoustics of a variety of actual concert halls, jazz clubs, theaters,
etc. from around the world, to allow you to accurately recreate any
one of these live performance environments, all in your own home.


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