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Configuring The Screens; Status; Wireless Configuration; Tcp/Ip Configuration - Xerox WNA-100 User Manual

Wireless network adapter
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Configuring the Screens

The following section describes the user interface screens for the wireless setup. For more
information, see the Wireless Network Adapter Online Help.


The Status page displays current device status information.

Wireless Configuration

The following configurations allow your wireless device to talk to your wireless network:
WEP Settings (Wireless Encryption Protocol): Security protocol for wireless networks
defined by the 802.11b standard.
WPA Settings (Wi-Fi Protected Access): Protocol that improves upon the security
features of WEP.
EAP Settings (Extensible Authentication Protocol): Authentication protocol that supports
a number of authentication methods.
Advanced Settings: Settings for the radio link configuration.

TCP/IP Configuration

The following configurations define the network configurations of your wireless interface:
BOOTP/DHCP Settings (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol): Allows for automatic
TCP/IP settings.
TCP/IP Settings: Allows you to set your TCP/IP settings if BOOTP/DHCP is disabled.
IP Address
Network Mask
Default Router
Network Services: Allows you to enable or disable specific TCP/IP settings:
DNS/DDNS Settings (Dynamic Domain Name Service): Allows you to manually
configure your DNS settings and automatic name registration.
SSL (HTTPS) Settings: Secure HTTP allows you to encrypt the transmission to the
device during configuration.
SNMP Settings (Simple Network Management Protocol): Allows you to use standard
SNMP tools to configure the wireless interface.
Xerox WNA-100 Wireless Network Adapter
Configuring the Screens


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