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Optimizing The Wireless Network Connection - Xerox WNA-100 User Manual

Wireless network adapter
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Do the following if you want to configure the adapter from your wireless network:
Click the Change button in the Default Configuration Interface section of the
Administrative Utilities page. A secondary dialog box appears.
Click the drop-down menu in the secondary dialog box and select Wireless.
Click the Submit button.
Click the Restart button in the Reset section of the Administrative Utilities page.
This causes the adapter to accept all the configuration settings you just made. If the Ethernet
port is connected to a printer, the adapter prints a page on the printer. This page contains the
configuration settings of the adapter.
Do the following after you have configured the adapter to work in your wireless network:
Disconnect the Ethernet crossover cable from the host computer.
Connect the adapter to the printer using the same cable.
Set up your PC for use in your wireless network.
The adapter and printer should be operating on the wireless network. Use the LED lights to
indicate the status of the adapter. See
If your PC is connected to the wireless network, you can type the IP address of the adapter in
your browser's address/location bar to see if the adapter is working as expected.
If the adapter or printer are not working as expected, see
Configuration Problems

Optimizing the Wireless Network Connection

Use the following tips to ensure that the adapter is functioning at its best:
Make sure the antenna is screwed into the adapter before starting configuration. The
adapter will not get reception without the antenna.
Place the wireless adapter in a central location and away from walls and metal objects that
may block reception.
Use a wireless repeater to extend the range of your wireless adapter.
Avoid using cell phones or other wireless electronics nearby.
Configuring the Adapter Using Your Web Browser
on page 1-3 for more information.
on page 3-2.
Xerox WNA-100 Wireless Network Adapter
Troubleshooting Wireless


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