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Xerox DocuColor 2045 Recommended Materials List

Xerox docucolor 2045: reference guide
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Recommended Xerox Media for Xerox DOCUCOLOR 2045/60 (EUROPE)
Revision 09/07/2002
Important Note:
Media recommendations made in this publication are based on qualification tests conducted using standard test images with moderate to heavy image area coverage. Test machines are maintained within specifications defined by user documentation.
* Testing Environment temperature range of 60-75 deg. F, Relative Humidity range 20-50%.
Reliabilty is based on your operating environment and application mix.
Machine reliability specifications may be affected by high usage of heavy weight and specialty stocks. In addition, variances in machine reliability may occur due to extended use of some media types.
© 2000 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved.
Xerox® , The Document Company®, the stylized X®, and all Xerox product names and product names and product numbers mentioned in this publication are trademarks of Xerox Corporation. Other company trademarks are also acknowledged.
Warranty disclaimer
Xerox makes no guarantees or warranties, either expressed or implied, concerning the performance, use or replacement of non-Xerox branded media or throughput products. Customers should inquire directly of their paper distributor or manufacturer for any
guidance when purchasing a particular media product for the first time, customers are advised to purchase small quantities to insure that their expectations are met. The quality of Xerox supplies is consistent from ream to ream and is backed by a 100% guarantee.
The quality of non-Xerox branded paper may vary from ream to ream or carton to carton, so for optimum performance on Xerox color equipment, use only the best.



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  • Page 1 The quality of Xerox supplies is consistent from ream to ream and is backed by a 100% guarantee.
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