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Reallife® semi integrated dishwasher
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or make a hole in the bottom of the appli-
• Do not fill the rinse aid dispenser with
other products than the rinse aid, (dish-
washer cleaning agent, liquid detergent).
This can cause damage to the appliance.
• Make sure that the spray arms can move
freely before you start a washing pro-
• The appliance can release hot steam if
you open the door while a washing pro-
gramme operates. There is a risk of skin
• Do not remove the dishes from the appli-
ance until the washing programme is
Care and cleaning
• Before you clean the appliance, deacti-
vate it and disconnect the mains plug
from the mains socket.
• Do not use flammable products or prod-
ucts that can cause corrosion.
• Do not use the appliance without the fil-
ters. Make sure that the installation of the
filters is correct. An incorrect installation
causes unsatisfactory washing results
and damage to the appliance.
• Do not use spray water or steam to clean
the appliance. Risk of electrical shock
and damage to the appliance.
• Make sure that the appliance is not dam-
aged. Do not install or connect a dam-
aged appliance, contact the supplier.
• Remove all packaging before you install
and use the appliance.
• Only a qualified person must do the elec-
trical connection, the plumbing and the
installation of the appliance. This to pre-
vent the risks of structural damage or in-
• Make sure that the mains plug is discon-
nected from the mains socket during in-
• Do not drill into the sides of the appliance
to prevent damage to hydraulic compo-
nents and electrical components.
• Important!Obey the instructions in the
template supplied with the appliance:
– To install the appliance.
– To assemble the door panel.
– To connect to the water supply and
• Make sure that the appliance is installed
below and adjacent to safe structures.
Frost precautions
• Do not install the appliance where the
temperature is less than 0 °C.
• The manufacturer is not responsible for
frost damage.
Water connection
• Use new hoses to connect the appliance
to the water supply. Do not use used ho-
• Do not connect the appliance to new
pipes or pipes not used for a long time.
Let the water flow for some minutes, then
connect the inlet hose.
• Make sure not to squash or cause dam-
age to the water hoses when you install
the appliance.
• Make sure that the water couplings are
tight to prevent a water leakage.
• The first time you use the appliance,
make sure that the hoses do not have
water leaks.
• The water inlet hose has a safety valve
and a double sheath with an inner mains
cable. There is pressure in the water inlet
hose only when the water flows. If there
is a leak in the water inlet hose, the safety
valve interrupts the flow of water.
– Be careful when you connect the water
inlet hose:
– Do not put the water inlet hose or
the safety valve in water.
– If the water inlet hose or the safety
valve are damaged, immediately dis-
connect the mains plug from the
mains socket.
– Contact the service centre to replace
the water inlet hose with safety
Warning! Dangerous voltage.
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