Installation Instructions - Electrolux EHD60150P User Manual

60cm touch control induction hob with 4 zones
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Warning! If there is a crack on the
surface, disconnect power supply
to prevent the electrical shock.


Before the installation, note down
the serial number (Ser. Nr.) from the
rating plate.The rating plate of the
appliance is on its lower casing.
58 GAD D5 AU 220-240 V 50-60 Hz
The Safety Instructions
Warning! You must read these!
• Make sure that the appliance is not dam-
aged because of transportation. Do not
connect a damaged appliance. If it is
necessary, speak to the supplier.
• Only an authorized servicing technician
can install, connect or repair this appli-
ance. Use only original spare parts.
• Only use the built-in appliances after you
assemble the appliance into correct built-
in units and work surfaces that align to
the standards.
• Do not change the specifications or
change this product. Risk of injury and
damage to the appliance.
• Fully obey the laws, ordinances, direc-
tives and standards in force in the coun-
try where you use the appliance (safety
regulations, recycling regulations, electri-
cal safety rules etc.)!
• Keep the minimum distances to other ap-
pliances and units!
• Install shock protection, for example in-
stall the drawers only with a protective
floor directly below the appliance!
• Keep safe the cut surfaces of the work-
top from moisture with a correct sealant!
• Seal the appliance to the work top with
no space between with a correct sealant!
• Keep safe the bottom of the appliance
from steam and moisture, e.g. from a
dishwasher or oven!
• Do not install the appliance adjacent to
doors and below windows! If not, when
949 594 273 00
you open the doors or windows they can
Induction 7,4 kW
push off hot cookware from the appli-
7,4 kW
• The electrical mains terminal is live.
• Make electrical mains terminal free of
• Install correctly to give shock protection.
• Loose and incorrect plug and socket
connections can make the terminal be-
come too hot.
• A qualified electrician must install the
connections in the clamps correctly.
• Use a strain relief clamp on cable.
• Use the correct mains cable of type
H05BB-F Tmax 90°C (or higher) for a sin-
gle phase or two phase connection.
• Replace the damaged mains cable with a
special cable (type H05BB-F Tmax 90°C;
or higher). Speak your local Service Cen-
The appliance must have the electrical in-
stallation which lets you disconnect the ap-
pliance from the mains at all poles with a
contact opening width of minimum 3 mm.
You must have correct devices to isolate:
line protecting cut-outs, fuses (screw type
fuses removed from the holder), earth leak-
age trips and contactors.
Warning! Risk of injury from electrical
current. Carefully obey the instructions
for electrical connections.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents