Electrolux EHD60020P User Manual

Electrolux EHD60020P User Manual

Ceramic glass induction hob
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user manual
Ceramic glass induction hob


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  • Page 1 Ceramic glass induction hob EHD60020P...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    2 electrolux Electrolux. Thinking of you. Share more of our thinking at www.electrolux.com CONTENTS Safety information Helpful hints and tips Installation Care and cleaning Description of the appliance What to do if... Operating the appliance Environment concerns Subject to change without notice SAFETY INFORMATION For your safety and correct operation •...
  • Page 3: Installation

    electrolux 3 • Do not cover the ventilation space of 5 Warning! If there is a crack on the mm between the worktop and front of surface, disconnect power supply the unit below it. to prevent the electric shock. INSTALLATION Before the installation , note down Protect the bottom of the appliance the serial number (Ser.
  • Page 4 4 electrolux Assembly min. 500 mm min. 50 mm min. 50 mm min. 5 mm +1 mm min. min. 38 mm 25 mm min. min. 5 mm min. 5 mm 20 mm...
  • Page 5: Description Of The Appliance

    electrolux 5 DESCRIPTION OF THE APPLIANCE Cooking surface layout Induction cooking zone 1800W, with the Power function 2800W Induction cooking zone 1800W, with the Power function 2800W Induction cooking zone 1400 W, with Power function 2500W Control panel Induction cooking zone 2300W, with the Power function 3700W Control panel layout Use the sensor fields to operate the appliance.
  • Page 6: Operating The Appliance

    6 electrolux Heat setting displays Display Description The cooking zone is off Keep warm/STOP+GO function is active The cooking zone operates Automatic heat up function is active The induction cooking zone does not sense the cookware There is a malfunction A cooking zone is still hot (residual heat) Lock/Child safety device is on Power function is active...
  • Page 7 electrolux 7 Automatic Heat Up Power management The power management divides the power between two cooking zones in a pair (see You can get a necessary heat setting in a the figure). The power function increases shorter time if you activate the Automatic the power to the maximum level for one Heat Up function.
  • Page 8: Helpful Hints And Tips

    8 electrolux When the time elapses, the sound operates When you switch off the appliance, you also switch off this function. flashes. The cooking zone switches off. The child safety device • Stopping the sound: touch This function prevents an accidental opera- You can use the timer as a minute minder tion of the hob.
  • Page 9: Care And Cleaning

    electrolux 9 • whistling: you use one or more cooking • Put cookware on a cooking zone be- zones with high power levels and the fore you start it. cookware is made of different materials • Stop the cooking zones before the (Sandwich construction).
  • Page 10: What To Do If

    10 electrolux For your safety, do not clean the appli- the glass . Put the scraper on the glass surface at an acute angle and ance with steam blasters or high-pres- sure cleaners. move the blade on the surface . –...
  • Page 11: Environment Concerns

    electrolux 11 Problem Possible cause and remedy • The cookware is incorrect. Use the correct cookware. comes on. • There is no cookware on the cooking zone. Put cookware on the cooking zone. • The diameter of the bottom of the cookware is too small for the cooking zone.
  • Page 12 www.electrolux.com/shop 892935126-B-282010...

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