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General Operation - Craftsman 247.887210 Operator's Manual

21" self propelled mower
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his symbolpointsout importantsafetyinstructions
which,if not followed,couldendangerthe personal
safetyand/or propertyof yourselfand others.Read
and followall instructionsin this manualbefore
attemptingto operatethis machine.Failureto complywith these
instructionsmay resultin personalinjury.Whenyou seethis symbol,
Batteryposts,terminals,and relatedaccessoriescontainlead and
leadcompounds,chemicalsknownto the State of Californiato cause
cancer and reproductiveharm.Washhandsafter handling.
This machinewas builtto be operatedaccordingto the rulesfor
safe operationin this manual.As with anytype of powerequipment,
carelessnessor error on the partof the operatorcan resultin serious
injury.This machineis capableof amputatinghandsand feet and
throwingobjects.Failureto observethefollowingsafetyinstructions
could resultin seriousinjury or death.
of Californiato I
causecancer and birthdefectsor otherreproductiveharm.
Tragicaccidentscan occur if operatoris not alert to presenceof children.Chil-
dren areoften attractedto mowerandmowingactivity. T heydo not understand
the dangers.Neverassumethat childrenwill remainwhereyou lastsawthem.
Keepchildren out of the mowingarea and underwatchfulcare of a
responsibleadult otherthanthe operator.
Be alert andturn moweroff if a child entersthe area.
Beforeandwhile movingbackwards,look behindanddown for small
Useextremecare when approachingblind corners,doorways,shrubs,
trees, or otherobjectsthat may obscureyourvisionof a childwho may
run into the mower.
Keepchildren awayfrom hot or runningengines.They can suffer burns
from a hot muffler.
Neverallow childrenunder 14yearsold to operatea power mower.
Children14years old and overshouldread and understandoperation
instructionsand safetyrulesin this manualand shouldbe trainedand
supervisedbya adult.
Readthis operator'smanualcarefullyin its entirety beforeattempting
to assemblethis machine.Read,understand,andfollow all instructions
on the machineand inthe manual(s)beforeoperation.Be completely
familiarwiththe controlsand the properuse of this machinebefore
operatingit. Keepthis manualin a safe place forfuture andregular
referenceand for orderingreplacementparts.
Be familiarwithall controls andtheir properoperation.Know howto stop
the machineanddisengagethem quickly.
This machineis a precision pieceof powerequipment,not a plaything.
Therefore,exerciseextremecautionat all times.Your unit has been
designedto performonejob: to mowgrass. Do not use it for anyother
Neverallow childrenunder 14yearsold to operatethis machine.Chil-
dren 14 yearsold and overshouldread and understandthe instructions
inthis manualand shouldbe trainedandsupervisedby a parent.
Onlyresponsibleindividualswho arefamiliar withthese rulesof safe
operationshouldbe allowedto usethis machine.
Thoroughlyinspectthe area wherethe equipmentis to be used.Remove
all stones,sticks,wire, bones, toysand otherforeignobjectswhichcould
be trippedoveror picked up and thrown bythe blade.Thrownobjects
can causeseriouspersonalinjury.
Plan yourmowingpatternto avoid dischargeof materialtowardroads,
sidewalks,bystandersand the like.Also,avoid dischargingmaterial
againsta wall or obstructionwhich may causedischarged materialto
ricochetbacktoward the operator.
To helpavoid bladecontactor a thrownobject injury,stay in operator
zone behindhandlesand keepchildren,bystanders,helpers,and pets at
least75 feet from mowerwhile it is inoperation.Stopmachineif anyone
Alwayswearsafetyglassesor safetygoggles duringoperationand while
performingan adjustmentor repairto protectyour eyes. Thrownobjects
which ricochetcan causeserious injury to the eyes.
Wear sturdy,rough-soledwork shoesandclose-fittingslacksandshirts.
Shirts and pantsthat coverthe armsand legs andsteel-toedshoes
are recommended.Neveroperatethis machinein barefeet, sandals,
slipperyor light weight (e.g.canvas) shoes.
Donot put handsor feetnear rotating partsor undercutting deck.
Contactwith bladecan amputatehandsandfeet.
A missingor damageddischargecover can causebladecontact or
thrown objectinjuries.
Manyinjuriesoccur as a resultof the mower beingpulledoverthe foot
duringa fall causedby slippingor tripping.Do not hold on to the mowerif
you are falling; releasethe handleimmediately.
Neverpull the mowerbacktoward you whileyou are walking.If you must
backthe mowerawayfrom a wall or obstructionfirst look down and
behindto avoid trippingandthenfollow thesesteps:
a. Step backfrom mowerto fully extendyourarms.
b.Be sureyou are wellbalancedwithsure footing.
c. Pull backslowly,no morethan half waytowardsyou.
d. Repeatthese steps as needed.
Donot operatethe mowerwhile underthe influenceof alcoholor drugs.
Donot engagethe self-propelledmechanismon units so equippedwhile
The blade control handleis a safety device.Neverattemptto bypassits
operation.Doingso makesthe safetydevice inoperativeand may result
inpersonalinjury through contactwiththe rotatingblade.The blade
control handle mustoperateeasilyin both directionsand automatically
returnto the disengagedpositionwhen released.
Neveroperatethe mowerin wet grass.Alwaysbe sureof yourfooting. A
slip andfall can causeseriouspersonalinjury.If you feel you are losing
yourfooting, releasethe bladecontrol handleimmediatelyandthe blade
will stop rotatingwithinthreeseconds.
Mowonly in daylightor good artificial light. Walk, neverrun.
Stopthe bladewhen crossing graveldrives,walks or roads.



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