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Battery Installation; Basic Use - Sanyo DAS202 Instruction Manual

Fully digital answering system
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Your DAS 202 Answering Machine is equipped with Battery Backup. In the event
of a power failure, the Battery Backup will prevent the loss of saved messages.
Please follow these simple instructions to install your batteries.
After plugging in the AC Adapter, the DAS 202 will automatically turn on and the
LED will display the numbers 0 to 60. After about 60 seconds, you will hear a long
beep. The LED will then indicate the following.
1. A1 or A2 flashes four times indicating that there is no outgoing message
(greeting) recorded.
2. CL flashes once indicating that the DAS 202 time and date have not
been set up.
3. 0 flashes indicating there are no incoming messages in the memory.
4. If ER flashes once, this indicates that the DAS 202 needs to be reset. Please
disconnect the unit from power, and then re-connect it.
Unscrew the
Battery Cover
Remove the
Battery Cover
Insert 4 Fresh
'AAA' Batteries
as per the
Replace the
Battery Cover
and Tighten the Screw.


Setting the Time
When the DAS 202's LED displays 'CL', the timer needs to be set using the
following procedure
– Press and hold the 'STOP/TIME' key for approximately 2 seconds, and
release when the DAS 202 announces the day.
– Press the 'FF c' key or the 'REPT d' key to select the correct day of the week.
– Press the 'STOP/TIME' key again to set the day. The hour will then
be announced.
– Repeat steps 2. and 3. for hours and minutes.
– After the minutes are set, the exact time will be announced.
Note: If no key is pressed within 8 seconds, the DAS 202 will return to normal mode.
Playing the Current Time
– Press the 'STOP/TIME' key. The current time will be announced.
Recording Outgoing Messages (OGM)
– OGM1 should be a conventional message, requesting the caller to leave a
message. Complete the following steps to record your OGM1 message:
• Press and hold the 'OGM1' key for approximately 2 seconds and release
after you hear a long beep. The LED will indicate 'A1', and then '0'.
• At the end of the beep, speak in a clear voice directly into the microphone,
which is located on the bottom right hand corner of the DAS 202.
• When you have completed your OGM1 message, press 'STOP/TIME'.
• The LED will indicate 'A1', and the OGM1 message will playback.
• If you are satisfied with the message, proceed to record the OGM2 message.
• If you are not satisfied with the message, repeat this process and
re-record your message.
The outgoing messages (OGM A1/A2) can be a maximum of 60 seconds
(1 minute) in length.
The maximum time available for recording incoming messages (ICM) is 40
minutes total. Each incoming message has a maximum record time of 60
seconds (1 minute) per message. During an incoming call the caller will
receive a "beep" tone after 45 seconds to indicate that they have 15
seconds left to complete their message. After 60 seconds the answering
machine will
disconnect the line and hang-up even if the caller is still talking. Therefore, it
is recommended that in your outgoing (OGM A1/A2) greeting message that
you tell the caller that they only have 60 seconds (1 minute) in which to
complete their message.
– OGM2 should be an Answer-Only message. This is used when you prefer
not to take messages and is automatically activated if the DAS 202's
memory is full. To record an OGM2 message, follow the above instructions
using the OGM2 button in place of the OGM1 button.



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