Sanyo DAS-204 Instruction Manual

Digital answering system with 3 mailboxes
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Model DAS-204
Digital Answering System with 3 Mailboxes
Please read this operation manual before using your new digital
answering system and keep it for further reference


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  • Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL MINUTE IGITAL NSWERING YSTEM ANSWER LANGUAGE MAIL BOX 2-WAY/MEMO TIME/STOP NEXT ERASE REPEAT Model DAS-204 Digital Answering System with 3 Mailboxes Please read this operation manual before using your new digital answering system and keep it for further reference...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    SANYO COMFORT WARRANTY ....... . .18 ANSWER LED Indicator: Lights up when the DAS-204 is ready to answer calls.
  • Page 3 All manuals and user guides at 17. Adapter receptacle (DC IN 9-V): Used to connect the DAS-204 to the 1 (Mailbox 1)/PAUSE Key: Used to play messages recorded in supplied AC power adapter. mailbox 1. Press 2WAY/MEMO and this key for memo recording and playing messages.
  • Page 4: Battery Installation

    (Figure 1). You may have to unplug your telephone to do this. To use a phone in the same area of the DAS-204, simply plug the telephone into the TEL input jack on the machine (Figure 2).
  • Page 5: Before Operation

    6. After the minutes are set, the time will be announced. Disconnect the unit from power, and then re-connect it. NOTE: If no key is pressed within 8 seconds, the DAS-204 will return to normal mode. For example: if you wish to set to Friday 10:30 pm a.
  • Page 6: Playing Outgoing Messages

    Memo message: 1. The DAS-204 answers the call and then plays OGM1. For a caller to 1. Press the 2WAY/MEMO key and hold it for 2 seconds. All mailbox keys leave a message in a particular mailbox, the caller is requested to press will flash.
  • Page 7: Playing Callers' Message

    If the mailbox doesn’t have any messages, the unit will play “no message” O. Call breakthrough operation 3. To pause playback: To alert someone in the area that the DAS-204 is being used, follow these steps. Press 1 key to pause message playback. If a pause exceeds 8 1.
  • Page 8: Remote Control Operation

    Q. Remote control operation R. Remote control security code The DAS-204 allows you to perform many of its functions from a remote The security code is set to a factory default of 159. This code can be telephone. Follow these simple steps: changed to any number between 000 to 999.
  • Page 9: Led Display Description

    Two-way recording LED indicates “88” or number Unplug unit, remove battery, and ON/Flashing Display/setup 1st digit of code of keys will not operate plug it back in. This resets the DAS-204. ON/Flashing Display/setup 2nd digit of code – ON/Flashing Display/setup 3rd digit of code OGM1 and OGM2 are erased Back-up battery power low or absent.
  • Page 10: Care

    All manuals and user guides at CARE THE CANADIAN INDUSTRY STATEMENT • Keep the unit dry. “Notice: To ensure Industry Canada label identifies certified equipment. This • Handle the unit carefully. Do not drop it. certification means that the equipment meets certain telecommunications •...
  • Page 11: Sanyo Comfort Warranty

    ORIGINAL RETAIL PURCHASER’S RESPONSIBILITY You, the original retail purchaser, must present your original, dated bill-of-sale together with this warranty to SANYO Canada Inc. or to an authorized Sanyo Service Depot when you make a claim under this warranty You, the original retail purchaser, are responsible for any costs of TRANSPORTING the product to and from SANYO Canada Inc.

Table of Contents