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Sanyo DAS202 Instruction Manual

Fully digital answering system


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Fully Digital
Please read this operation manual before using your new
answering machine and keep it for further reference
DAS 202


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  • Page 1: Answering System

    Fully Digital Answering System DAS 202 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Please read this operation manual before using your new answering machine and keep it for further reference...
  • Page 2: Quick Instructions

    QUICK INSTRUCTIONS • Setting the Time – Press and hold ‘STOP/TIME’ to enter the SET CLOCK mode – Press the FF c Key or the REPT d Key to adjust the day – Press ‘STOP/TIME’ again to set the day –...
  • Page 3: Location And Function Of Controls

    LOCATION AND FUNCTION OF CONTROLS MEMO/2WAY OGM1 1. Message LED Indicator – Indicates the DAS 202 Answering Machine’s current status. • ‘A1’ or ‘A2’ flashes four times on the display to indicate that there is no outgoing message (greeting) recorded.
  • Page 4: Installation

    If the battery power is low or batteries are not installed, the low battery message “Lo” will flash on the LED display. You need to replace or install batteries as per the following instructions. INSTALLATION Answering Machine AC Adapter Fig. 3 Fig. 2...
  • Page 5: Battery Installation

    BATTERY INSTALLATION Your DAS 202 Answering Machine is equipped with Battery Backup. In the event of a power failure, the Battery Backup will prevent the loss of saved messages. Please follow these simple instructions to install your batteries. Unscrew the...
  • Page 6: Advanced Use

    DAS 202 will not answer until after the fourth ring. This feature allows you to call into your answering machine and determine, without a toll, if there are any unplayed messages on the system (i.e. If the phone rings three times, there are no unplayed messages).
  • Page 7: Remote Function

    Repeat or Play Memos Play All Messages or Pause/Play Forward or Play New Messages Erase Individual Messages Stop or Save All Messages Set to Answering Machine OFF Mode and the REPT d keys to KEY(S) REMOTE FUNCTION Record OGM1 Record OGM2...
  • Page 8: Troubleshooting Guide

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Will not operate Are the power supply and telephone line cords plugged into the DAS 202 and the appropriate power/telephone jacks of your residence/business? LED indicator lights are off Is the phone line cord or power supply properly plugged in? Cannot turn on Answer key Have you recorded an outgoing message (OGM1/OGM2)?
  • Page 9: Sanyo Comfort Warranty

    MAINTENANCE necessary in respect of the product. WARRANTY BECOMES VOID This warranty becomes void if the product’s serial numbers are altered or removed or if any repair to the product is made other than by SANYO Canada Inc. or by an authorized Sanyo Service Depot. LIMITATIONS (a).
  • Page 10 DAS 202 addition LED Display Status List (DAS 202) LED Display LED Status Description No messages in memory 1-60 Number of messages recorded A1/A2 OGM 1/OGM 2 recorded or played Flashing OGM1/OGM 2 not recorded Answer Only mode Time and Date played Flashing Time and Date setup required CBT code setup display...

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