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Installation - Sanyo DAS202 Instruction Manual

Fully digital answering system
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FF c Key – Skips to the next sequential message.
10. ERASE Key – Can be used to erase a single message or all
messages in memory.
11. Microphone – Used to record outgoing messages and memos.
12. ANSWER Key – Used to set the Answer Mode.
13. Speaker
14. MODULAR LINE JACK – Used to connect the DAS 202 to your household
phone jack.
15. MODULAR PHONE JACK – Used to connect the DAS 202 to
your telephone.
16. Adapter Jack – Used to connect the DAS 202 to the supplied AC
power adapter.
17. Volume Control (VOL) – Used to adjust the speaker volume.
18. BATTERY COVER – Houses the Memory Backup Batteries. (Batteries
not included)
19. Adapter Cord Holder – Prevents the AC adapter cord from falling out.
(Adapter included)


1. The DAS 202 includes a modular telephone line cord with a modular plug at
each end. Insert one plug into the LINE input jack on the DAS 202, and the
other end into your household telephone jack (Fig.1). You may have to unplug
your telephone to do this.
2. To use a phone in the same area as the DAS 202, simply plug the telephone
into the TEL input jack on the DAS 202 (Fig. 2).
3. Connect the AC Power Adapter (DC 9V 300mA) to any standard electrical
outlet (AC 120V) and plug the other end into the DC power input jack on the
DAS 202 (Fig. 3). (AC power adapter included)
Answering Machine
Line Cords
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Battery Installation — Install the batteries for saving the memory
after the DAS 202 AC adapter has been connected and the time/day
has been programmed. You will not be able to program the time/day if
the batteries are installed first.
If the battery power is low or batteries are not installed, the low
battery message "Lo" will flash on the LED display. You need to
replace or install batteries as per the following instructions.
AC Adapter
Fig. 3



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