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Battery Installation - Sanyo DAS201 Owner's Instruction Manual

Fully digital answering system
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1. The DAS 201 includes a modular telephone line cord with a modular plug at
each end. Insert one plug into the LINE input jack on the DAS 201, and the
other end into your household telephone jack (Fig.1). You may have to unplug
your telephone to do this.
2. To use a phone in the same area of the DAS 201, simply plug the telephone
into the TEL input jack on the DAS 201 (Fig. 2).
3. Connect the AC Power Adapter (DC9V 300mA) to any standard electrical
outlet (AC 110 V) and plug the other end into the DC power input jack on the
DAS 201 (Fig. 3). (AC power adapter included)
Answering Machine
Line Cords
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Battery Installation – Install the batteries for saving memory after the DAS 201
AC adaptor has been connected and the time / day has been programmed.
Installing the batteries before these procedure are done will not let you program
the time / day into the DAS 201.
If the battery power is low or batteries are not installed, the low battery icon
"Lo" will flash on the LCD display. You need to replace or install batteries
per instructions.
AC Adapter
Fig. 3


Your DAS 201 Answering Machine is equipped with Battery Backup. In the event
of a power failure, the Battery Backup will prevent the loss of saved messages.
Please follow these simple instructions to install your batteries.
After plugging in the AC Adapter, the DAS 201 will automatically turn on, and the
LED will display the numbers 0 to 60. After about 60 seconds, you will hear a long
beep. The LED will then indicate the following.
1. A1 or A2 flashes four times indicating that there is no outgoing message
(greeting) recorded.
2. CL flashes once indicating that the DAS 201 time and date have not been
set up.
3. 0 flashes indicating there are no incoming messages in the memory.
4. If ER flashes once, this indicates that the DAS 201 needs to be reset. Please
disconnect the unit from power, and then re-connect it.
Unscrew the
Battery Cover
Remove the
Battery Cover
Insert 4 Fresh
'AAA' Batteries
as per the
Replace the
Battery Cover,
and Tighten the



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