Operating Instructions - Sanyo DAS201 Owner's Instruction Manual

Fully digital answering system
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A. Setting the Timer
When the DAS 201's LED displays 'CL', the timer needs to be set using the
following procedure
– Press the 'STOP/TIME' key for approximately 2 seconds, and release when
the DAS 201 announces the Weekday.
– Press the 'FF
' key or the 'REPT
the week.
– Press the 'STOP/TIME' key again to set the Weekday and advance the
setting mode to the Hour setting.
– Repeat these steps for Hours and Minutes.
– After the Minutes are set, the exact time will be announced.
Note: If no key is pressed within 8 seconds, the DAS 201 will return to normal
B. Playing the Current Time
– Press the 'STOP/TIME' key for 1 second. The current time will be
C. Recording an Outgoing Message (OGM)
– OGM1 should be a conventional message, requesting the caller to leave a
message. Complete the following steps to record your OGM1 message:
• Press the 'OGM1' key and hold for approximately 2 seconds and release.
After a long beep, the LED will indicate 'A1', and then '0'.
• At the end of the beep, speak in a clear voice directly into the
microphone, which is located on the bottom right hand corner of the
DAS 201's top panel.
• When you have completed your OGM1 message, press 'STOP/TIME'.
• The LED will indicate 'A1', and the OGM1 message will playback.
• If you are satisfied with the message, press 'STOP/TIME'.
• If you are not satisfied with the message, repeat this process and
rerecord your message.
– OGM2 should be an Answer-Only message. This is used when you prefer
not to take messages, and is automatically activated if the DAS 201's
memory is full. To record an OGM2 message, follow the above instructions,
using the OGM2 button in place of the OGM1 button.
D. Playing your Outgoing Message (OGM)
– To play your OGM, simply press and release the 'OGM1', or 'OGM2'
buttons. The OGM will play, and the DAS 201 will return to normal mode.
E. Recording a Memo
– The DAS 201's Memo function allows you to leave a message for another
member of your business or household, when you are going to be away.
Complete the following steps to record your Memo message:
• Press the 'MEMO/2WAY' key, and hold it for approximately 2 seconds.
' key to select the correct day of
After a short beep, the LED will display '00'.
• At this time, release the 'MEMO/2WAY' key. A long beep will sound, and
the unit will begin recording.
• At the end of the beep, speak in a clear voice, directly into the
• Stop the recording by pressing the 'STOP/TIME' key.
F. Recording a Two-Way Conversation
– The DAS 201's 2-Way Record function allows you to record important
conversations you have on the telephone. Complete the following steps to
use the 2-Way Record function:
• Press the 'MEMO/2WAY' key, and hold it for approximately 4 seconds.
• The LED will display '2R' and 2-Way Recording will begin.
• At the end of your conversation, or when you wish to stop recording,
simply press the 'STOP/TIME' key.
G. Playing Memos and 2 Way Conversations
– To play these messages, press the 'MEMO/2WAY' key. Recordings will be
played in sequence.
H. Setting to Answer/Record Mode or Answer Only Mode
– Note: When power is on, system is always in either one of these 2 modes.
• If system is in Answer Only Mode, Press 'ANSWER' for about 2 seconds.
• The DAS 201 will beep and OGM1 will play.
• The DAS 201 is now in Answer/Record Mode.
• Repeat the process to return the system to ANSWER ONLY MODE.
• The DAS 201 will beep and OGM2 will play
I. Ring and Toll Saver
– The DAS 201 will normally begin recording an incoming call after the sec-
ond ring. However, if there are no unplayed messages on the system, the
DAS 201 will not answer until after the fourth ring. This feature allows you to
call into your answering machine, and determine, without a toll, if there are
any unplayed messages on the system (i.e. If the phone rings three times,
there are no unplayed messages).
J. Recording Incoming Calls
– When the DAS 201 is in Answer/Record mode, it will answer the telephone
after the second (or fourth) ring, then will play your OGM1 message. At the
end of the OGM1 message a beep will sound, indicating to your caller that
they may begin speaking. The DAS 201 allows callers to leave a message.
At the end of the message, the DAS 201 will sound a long beep, indicating
that the recording time is over.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents