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Polycom soundstation 2w: product support bulletin.
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CT Labs Testing Report: Polycom SoundStation2W
Small Conference Room Tests:
The results of the small
conference room tests are presented in this section.
During the Basic Conversation Test, the SoundStation2W per-
formed the best, with just a slight bit of graininess noted by the
participants in the conference room. The ClearOne Max had a
small amount of background noise, and the audio level was
slightly low as rated by the desk phone participant. The confer-
ence room participants also found the Max audio to be noticeably
more grainy than the SoundStation2W.
During the Dynamic Range Tests, the SoundStation2W per-
formed very well at all audio levels, even when the conference
room participants whispered. The ClearOne Max also performed
well, but the desk-phone participant found the speech audio level
to be too loud when conference room participants spoke loudly.
During the Conversations with Background Noise (Condition
#1-fan noise) Test, the SoundStation2W was found to have more
difficulty transmitting conference room speech during double-talk
conditions. The SoundStation2W was noted to have a fast speaker
mute on the desk phone talker's audio but a slower response for
re-enabling the conference room microphones when the desk-
phone user stopped speaking. The effect of this: it as slightly
harder to carry on a full-duplex conversation when the conference
room participant speaks at a lower volume than the desk phone
However, the ClearOne Max did not handle the
transmission of quieter (whispering) talking as well as the Sound-
Station2W with fan background noise, as the audio was described
by the desk-phone participant as synthetic sounding and "muddy".
During the Conversations with Background Noise (Condition
#2-traffic noise) Test, both the SoundStation2W and the Clear-
One Max performed well, even with quiet talking.
During the Acoustic Echo Cancellation Tests, the ClearOne Max
produced no detectable echoes during our subjective tests, while
the SoundStation2W produced small amounts of echo when a par-
ticipant moved closer to the conference phone unit. This echo,
however, was quickly suppressed within a few seconds and was
not found to significantly alter the conversation flow.
During the Loudness Tests, echo was heard with both the Sound-
Station2W and the ClearOne Max units. With the SoundSta-
tion2W, the echo seemed to happen more at the beginning of
phrases; with the ClearOne Max, the echo events occurred at dif-
ferent times and was found to be slightly more disruptive to the
overall conversation flow than the SoundStation2W. With the
desk-phone participant speaking as loudly as possible, we found
that the SoundStation2W reached a peak loudness of 91 dB, and
the Max reached a peak loudness of 90 dB at one foot above the
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