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Disc Information; Discs You Can Use For Recording And Play; Play-only Discs - Panasonic SC-HT1000 Operating Instructions Manual

Recordable dvd home theater system.
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Disc information

Discs you can use for recording and
Disc type
≥4.7 GB/9.4 GB, 12 cm (5z)
≥2.8 GB, 8 cm (3z)
DVD-R (for General Ver. 2.0)
≥4.7 GB, 12 cm (5z)
≥1.4 GB, 8 cm (3z)
≥We recommend using Panasonic discs as they have been
confirmed to be compatible with this unit. Other discs may not
perform correctly.
≥Do not allow the disc to become dirty or scratched. Fingerprints,
dirt, dust, scratches or deposits of cigarette smoke on the
recording surface may make it impossible to use the disc for
≥Discs with programs recorded in PAL already cannot be recorded
on with this unit.
≥This unit is compatible with the Content Protection for
Recordable Media (CPRM ➡page 51) system so you can record
broadcasts that allow one copy, such as some CATV broadcasts,
onto 4.7 GB/9.4 GB DVD-RAM (these are CPRM compatible). It is
not possible to record onto DVD-R or 2.8 GB DVD-RAM.
≥DVD-RAM recorded on this unit may not be compatible with
other DVD players, including some Panasonic players.
Consult the manual for the player to determine compatibility
with these DVD-RAM discs.
≥This unit is compatible with both non-cartridge and cartridge
DVD-RAM, but the write-protect tabs on cartridge-type discs give
better protection to your recordings.
≥Picture aspect ratios, regular 4:3 or widescreen 16:9, are recorded
as they are received.
≥In order to play a DVD-R recorded using this unit on another
playback source, the disc must first be finalized (➡ page 33).
≥Once a DVD-R is finalized, it becomes DVD-Video.
≥You can record onto the available space on the disc and perform
editing functions, such as giving titles to discs and programs and
erasing programs before finalizing.
≥When programming is erased from a DVD-R, that space does not
become available. Once an area on a DVD-R is recorded on, that
area is no longer available for recording, whether the recording is
erased or not.
≥It takes about 30 seconds for the unit to complete recording
management information after recording finishes.
≥This unit optimizes the DVD-R for each recording. Optimizing is
carried out when you start recording after inserting the disc or
turning on the unit. Recording onto the disc may become
impossible if optimizing is carried out too many times.
≥The video is recorded in a 4:3 aspect irrespective of the video
signal input.
≥Play may be impossible in some cases due the condition of the
≥A DVD-R recorded on this unit may not be recordable on other
Panasonic DVD recorders.
∫ Protection
You can protect the contents of your discs in the following ways.
With the write-protect tab in the protect
position, you cannot record to, edit, or erase
from the disc. (Type 1, 2, and 4 cartridge
≥Program-protect (➡page 30)
≥Disc-protect (➡page 32)
Indication used
in instructions
(Before finalizing)
(After finalizing)

Play-only discs

Disc type
Video CD
Audio CD
≥This unit can play CD-R/CD-RW (audio recording disc) recorded
with CD-DA (digital audio), video CD (video CD format 2.0) or
MP3. Close the sessions or finalize the disc after recording.
Play may be impossible on some CD-R or CD-RW discs due to the
condition of the recording.
≥The producer of the material can control how DVD-Video and
Video CDs are played. So you may not always be able to control
play as described in these operating instructions. Read the disc's
instructions carefully.
∫ Discs that cannot be played
≥DVD-Video with a region number other than "1" or "ALL"
≥12-cm (5z), 2.6- and 5.2-GB DVD-RAM
≥DVD-RAM not recorded following the Video Recording Standard
≥3.95- and 4.7-GB DVD-R for Authoring
≥Unfinalized DVD-R recorded on other equipment
≥PAL discs
≥Divx Video Disc, etc.
∫ Disc structure
Disc structure and the labels given to the items on discs depend on
the disc type.
the smallest division on DVD-Audio, CDs and Video
CDs, or a single MP3 file.
the smallest division on DVD-Video.
collections of tracks on DVD-Audio and equivalent to
folders or albums on data discs.
the largest division on DVD-Video, usually an entire
Program: the division on DVD-RAM equivalent to a single
Play list:
a group of scenes on DVD-RAM.
DVD-RAM program sections specified and grouped into
play lists on a DVD video recorder.
Indication used
in instructions
[CD] [MP3]
(Depending on
the recording
format ➡below)
≥Photo CD


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