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Operating Instructions - Electrolux Frigidaire CASE7074NW Use & Care Manual



Normal Operating Sounds
You may or may not hear the following sounds from your new
A. WATER VALVE (Steam models only.) The fl ow of water is
controlled by electric solenoids. During operation there may
be a clicking sound as the valve opens and closes to control
the water fl ow.
B. SUSPENSION ROLLERS The dryer drum is supported by a
set of suspension rollers. At times there may be a thumping
or rolling sound when the dryer starts. This may happen if
the dryer has not been in use for a period of time, or after a
heavy load has remained in the dryer drum for an extended
period, creating a temporary fl at spot on the edge of the
roller. The noise should dissipate as the dryer operates and
the fl at spots smooth out.
C. AIR FLOW SYSTEM Your dryer is equipped with a high
volume air handling system. In some installations there may
be some sounds associated with air movement throughout
the dryer, including the air duct, blower, and exhaust system.
This is normal and can vary with load size and type.
D. GAS VALVE (Gas models only.) The fl ow of gas is controlled
by electric solenoids. During operation there may be a clicking
sound as the valve opens and closes to control the gas fl ow.
E. GAS BURNER (Gas models only.) When the burner is
operating, there may be sounds generated as the air fl ow
mixes with the gas fl ame. This noise is normal and will only
occur when the gas is ignited in the combustion tube.
Operating Your Dryer
To reduce the risk of fi re, electric shock or injury to
in this Use and Care Guide before operating your dryer.
(Mesh bag not included.)
Do not continue to use the dryer if you hear
squeaking, grinding, rubbing or other unusual
noises. This could be a sign of mechanical
breakdown and lead to fi re or serious injury.
Contact a qualifi ed technician immediately.
Prepare load for drying.
• Dry items of similar fabric, weight and construction
in the same load.
• Separate dark items from light-colored items. Sepa-
rate items that shed lint from those that attract lint.
• Check for stains which may not have been removed
in washing. Repeat stain removal process and wash
again before drying. Dryer heat may permanently
set some stains.
• Place delicate or small items in a mesh bag.
• Be sure buckles, buttons and trim are heatproof
and won't damage the drum fi nish. Close zippers;
fasten hooks and Velcro
and sashes to prevent snagging and tangling.
-like fasteners. Tie strings



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