Setting The Web Browser - Mitsubishi Electric AE-200A-50A Instruction Book

Air conditioning control system
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2-2. Setting the Web Browser

Web browser setting varies with the Internet connection type. See the sections below for how to make Web
browser settings for different types of Internet connection.
To prevent unauthorized access, always use a security device such as a VPN router when
connecting the AE-200/AE-50 to the Internet.
2-2-1. No Internet connection
To monitor and operate the air conditioning units from a PC with no Internet connection, follow the instructions
below to set the environment for the Web browser.
(1) Click [Tools] in the menu bar, then click [Internet options].
(2) In the [Internet Options] window, click the [Connections] tab.
(3) Check the radio button next to [Never dial a connection] in the middle
of the window, and click [OK] to close the window.


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