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Nokia 6108 User Manual: Handwriting Input Modes; Input Mode Indicator And Recognition Scope

Nokia 6108: users guide.
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H a n d w r i t i n g i n p u t m e t h o d
9. When entering Chinese text, tap
to get a list of predicted
Chinese characters based on the
Chinese character to the left of
the cursor or the highlighted
character. Predictive input is only
available when you are inputting
Note that depending on the market
you are in, your phone only allows
you to either input Traditional
Chinese or Simplified Chinese. For
example, phones sold in mainland
China only allow you to input
Simplified Chinese, not Traditional

Input mode indicator and recognition scope

Simplified Chinese
Upper case
Recognition scope
• Simplified Chinese characters.
• Some frequently used full-width
• Traditional Chinese characters.
• Some frequently used full-width
• Capital English letters.
• Some frequently used half-width
Tip: If the highlighted
candidate character or letter
in the candidate list (not the
predicted list) is what you
want, you can continue
writing. The phone inputs the
character automatically.
■ Handwriting input
Different handwriting input modes
are available in your phone for
entering different types of text. This
narrows down the recognition scope
for each mode and thus enable
punctuation marks and symbols,
for example:
、 。! "" ,:;?
punctuation marks and symbols.
punctuation marks and symbols,
for example:
@ / ! " ' ' , . : ; ?


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